Thursday, May 14, 2009

Alera Blood Report 12May2009

Brought Alera to the vet today for drip and antibiotic again. Blood report came out and its confirmed that he has kidney failure infection, the vet said hopefully the meds Azodyl will work on Alera. When we came back, I gave Alera some kitten formula milk, video below. The other video below is how the vet feed Alera Azodyl in capsule form, the meds need to store in cold places ( during transportation too ). Tomorrow we will be going again to vet for drip.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Alera Is Very Sick 12May2009

Alera has been sick, real sick as he kept hiding alone in the kitchen area avoiding the rest. He drank a little yesterday. Took him to the vet this morning and the vet wasn't sure about the problem. However he suspected might be kidney infection of worst failure. He took some blood sample, 2 tubes actually and sent them to the lab. Blood report will be available in days time. He was given some antibiotic injection, vitamins and glucose together with the drip. We spent about 2 hours there and the drip was slow. His blood became thicker a bit due to blood pressure drop.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Alera's Funds Helping Pulau Ketam Dog Rescue

Got this shocking news on my youtube message box few days ago. Below is the exact word from a youtube friend.

Dear Ngo, I just got this on Facebook and I remembered You are from Malaysia and I figured it cant hurt if I show u this:
Hundreds of dogs transported to an uninhabited island to fend for themselvesShare
Today at 2:26am
"Residents of Pulau Ketam, Malaysia came up with this "brilliant" idea to abandon hundreds of dogs on an uninhabited island that has absolutely no food, and left the dogs to fend for themselves. The dogs are eating the carcasses of the ones among them that didn't survive, and they're all dying a slow, painful death ....... (The residents actually transported the dogs there!) It never fails to disgust me how horrible humans can be. I was born in Malaysia so I know how most animals are treated out there, but I'm still shocked at how a human being can simply discard another creature without a second thought." - Val Pavlik PLEASE HELP THIS MAN IF U CAN; I will also give him your Link here... ONE LOVE adembasou

Please anyone out there if you care enough to support Sabrina Yeap and her team, any amount regardless big or small would definitely make a different on the rescue mission. Check their Updates HERE.
Full Story With Photos HERE
Sabrina Furry Friends Farm Blog HERE

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