Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lisa Package Arrived.

I just came back from grocery and once I entered my room, there, a package sitting on my table and I am so relieve that it finally arrived. The package is from Lisa. She is from Austin, Texas, USA. Inside the package there are lots of goodies for baby Alera and the gang, this is the first time I see a reuseable-diaper, not to mention it is already very hard to find a diaposbale diapers for fur friends where I stay.
Thank You so much!
Copy the link below and paste it on a new browser if you like to see more photos of the package and bobo playing the toys.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Baby Alera

I found this poor cripple kitty in February 2007 behind my uncle's house at the alley. He was in the worst condition no one can imagine and very dirty. His skin under the leg almost peeled off, wounded and hungry. Fleas were all over him and it was very heartbreaking when looking at him. I have posted a thread in ( the website is the global network for organizations and people who Care2 make a difference ) about this unfotunate kitty.

Click this thread (HSUS-Humane Society United States online group in if you like to know more and read all about the discussions regarding this poor cripple kitty and his progress. Through this thread he finally given a name, Alera.

I have lots of friends and people to thank to espcially to those who has help and search help for this little unfortunate non-human. I feel very grateful and thankful for all the donations collected so far, time and extremely helpful advise given. So far the first donations I received for baby Alera is $USD 416 on 23 March 2007 and I have deposited in my HSBC Malaysia Bank account. The funds will be clear in the next 30 days or so.

Friends ( members ) who has involved in helping baby Alera as follow,

Angela B.
Aimee M.
Jeanete J.
Fiona W.
Tina T.
Isma A.
Anne R.
Debbie L.
James M.
Mary L.
Krista C.
Sophia D.
Sue H.
Chris M.
Janet L.
Julie W.
Roxy B.
Shawna T.
Melissa G.
Ginnie L.
Lisa H.
Serene C.
Amy C.
Anne T.
Donna C.
Dorothy M.

The following are names I have received from Angela email who has donated money to baby Alera, if I ever miss out some names or repeat some names, please forgive me and kindly send me a message, I shall add in, remove it or correct it. Thank You for understanding and patience as I am typing with my 2 fingers :)

Hanna Fushihara
Miwa Kunz
Janet Larnarch-Bray
Mary Learn
Ceci Madruga
Angelia Martin
Tim Metcalf
Caitlin Mociun
Raegan Newman
Kathy Pretty
Sophia Rubinstein
Moon Senour
Kiara Serafin
Anne Thompson

To anyone who doesn't know about baby Alera, below are some videos to share. The video was taken from 21 Feb 2007 until 16 Mar 2007. New ones will be coming up soon.

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