Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Visionless Kitty Going Home.

Just a quick update. I have brought the kitty to the vet 2 days ago and according to the vet, they are not cataracts. Surgery can be performed only 2 months later when the kitty is old enough. I am not sure what it is called however the vet said will only wait till 2 months later. Eye cream and deworming medicine was given too. We will visit the vet 2 weeks later for checkup routine. I have changed the title to vision less kitty instead of cataract ( since it isn't ) as I couldn't think of any other words!

Anyways, the kitty has gone back home today with the guardians ( Nicholas and Jessie ) and above is the photo that I shot this afternoon. Good Samaritans and both of them are vegetarians too! Woo hoo~!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Photos of Cataract Kitten

Took some photos of the cataract kitten. She is adorable and playful too. She is very tiny and if you look at the third photo from top, Ah Black is much much bigger than her :)
Hungry all the time as usual and I have to spoon feed her every 2 hours. She quite used to the spoon instead of syringe or kitty bottles. So far no poop yet! Just some urination. Enjoy the photos.

Fostering Blind Cataract Kitten

A good friend rang me yesterday and asked for my help to take care of his friend rescue kitty for 3 days. His friend rescued this kitty few days ago and he has to go to Kuala Lumpur ( 400 km ) for a short buisness trip. The kitty both eyes has cataract and I hardly see the pupils, both of them are cloudy white. I went to Khairul's place and borrow his spare cage. So far everything going great with the kitty. He drink lots of milk and luckily not meowing alot. He is playful too. Everyone in the house especially the fur kids are curious and anxiuos! I captured the video using my ustream capture utility. Photos will be up soon.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Angel's Hernia Surgery Updates

Phew! The surgery went well! Angel is now back to Stephanie and Callie's place. The vet said there is no need to stay at the clinic. However the vet did say it involved chest cavity and he already fixed it. Mmm...I am not too sure what that means. Anyone who can enlighten me regarding this would be very much appreciated. Furthermore her breathing will be a little shallow because her left lung collapsed due to the surgery and this will go back to normal in days. Photos above were shot by Stephanie.

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My Photo On About.Com:Buddhism

One of my photo was used on by a journalist name Barbara O'Brien. I captured the photo a year ago while my mom burnt some fake money during the Hungry Ghost Festival. A year has passed and now at this time, most Chinese are celebrating this festival. By the way, most Chinese are praying and burning fake money and sacrificed lots of pigs and other animals during this time for the dead. Its very sad indeed as Buddhism teaches us Ahimsa which means non-violence and sacrificing innocent animals such as pigs and other lower living entities are just terrible and is not the teaching of Ahimsa

Link here to the article.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Angel, The 3 Legged Dog

I got to know Angel through Joseph yesterday night. She ended up in SPCA Penang after found on the street. Someone practically 'dump' her there according to the SPCA. Angel has three legs and she is very adorable. Unfortunately she has a problem with hernia nearby his tummy area. Two good Samaritans who happened to be volunteers of the shelter fell in love with her and decided to adopt and foster her in their spacious apartment. I have used some of the Alera's fund to help Angel in her tomorrow hernia surgery.

Angel will be going to the vet recommended by SPCA and I am not allowed to go in there with video cam, arrr!. We just have to hope for the best. The good Samaritans also happened to be mother and daughter, Callie and Stephanie. They have a kind soul indeed as taking care of disable animals is a life time commitment. They have another dog named Princess. Hopefully Angel will be fine tomorrow. By the way Angel was a chosen name by Callie and Stephanie. Her shelter name is Charity.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Ultrasound Scan 7 Weeks

Two days ago, Bee Bee and I went to one of our local vegetarian hospital ( Adventist Hospital Penang) for an ultrasound scan around her fetus area for pregnancy test. We bought a test kit few days before that and we just wanna be sure. Finally, Bee Bee is pregnant! And I am going to be a father soon. This is so exciting and the photo above is the result of the scan. The red circle area is our little baby around 7 weeks according the doc. The gynecologist told us is still early to see the actual form of baby and we have to go back to the hospital another 2 weeks time. Bee Bee was given some folic acid supplement in tablet form.

Apart from that, the doc told us about how cats' poop could harm to pregnant mothers. It is because they step in and out the potty tray and they might sit all over your seat, bead and couch, this will transmit the germs and bacteria to pregnant mothers. Mmm....does this make any sense I wonder.

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