Saturday, September 29, 2007

Senior Dog and Taoism Parade

While Khairul and I were heading to our usual vegan meal night spot, we were stuck in a massive jam. There was a taoism parade going on a few hundred meters away just in front of us. When we reached a junction ahead, we saw a senior dog lying on the pavement of grass and I thought she was resting but Khairul asked me to pull over just to make sure she's alright. As we turned into the road, I parked my car and then we walked towards the doggie. From far she seemed okay to me, just lying there without movement. I didn't realize she has cataract on one eye and both her back legs were limping at that time. Since there was a parade going on, I just took some video of it. I think they were probably from taoism religion and have no idea what was the parade all about. After a while, I turned back to the dog and when she started to get up, I became more convinced of her injury. She was limping and trying to cross the road. Without delay, I walked across and approached her slowly and tried to be friendly. Fortunately Joseph is staying nearby and we have called him to bring a leash for us. He came after few minutes with a leash and we brought her straight to the vet.

There's nothing much the doc could do as she told us it might be arthritis. However she trimmed her nails just to make them shorter as they were all very long and curly. We couldn't do much and we have to let her off where we have found her, but of course at safer place nearby. We gave her some dry kibbles and water too. After few minutes she headed towards a small house which we think she must came from there. The house looks like a small storage house with nobody at night time. I will check on her from time to time since I always pass that road.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Update 28Sep2007

OK, this is hard to explain here but if you listen carefully to the video you might hear some explanation from the doc husband. The doc is not available when we were there. The puppy is no longer on drip. It was taken off this afternoon. The good news is he did 'poop' 2 times and he ate by himself just now. The 'poop' contained some 'black stuff', this is what I heard from the husband, I guess it must be some dry blood or something else, just my guess and I am not sure at all. It also means the intestine is working, thank goodness. If you watch carefully, you can see his right leg at the back, there is a cut and what happened yesterday was, there were swelling going on at that area and I was told it was 'pass' or 'pas' , I am not sure about the spelling and the term using is correct, but basically is liquid form and that has to be taken out or else it would have infected that area. Please if anyone would be so kind if you do know the term of 'pas' means, do explain it to me further. I have looked through the med terms and I only see 'pasteurization'.

I hope he will get better and better since all the critical obstacles has passed. I will update everyone on this coming Sunday or Monday.

**Correction : thanks to Angela and jassmoth about the 'pus', please note, it is called 'pus' instead of 'pass'/'pas'. Sorry again about the spelling, my bad.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy On Drip

Went to the vet with some payment just now and saw the puppy lying in the cage on drip. He is still very weak and chances of surviving is 50/50. Hopefully the wound inside the intestine will healed. The doc cannot confirm at this time whether he will survive or not, we just have to wait for a few days.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Donation From Angelia Martin Cleared

Angelia Martin donation cleared today (RM 119.80). Current balance of Baby Alera Fund is RM 1173.70 ( Ringgit Malaysia ). Will have to spend some of the fund today for the Light Yellow Puppy surgery that was carried out yesterday and hopefully have some good news later.

Gurney Chanting ( Harinam )

My wife and I, together with some friends were joining the Hare Krishna Movement chanting along Gurney Drive, Penang last Saturday. I never seen or been to any chanting event before and this really got my attention to know more about why and what is chanting all about. I couldn't tell you more except the event is called Harinam ( Harenam ). The two disciples are from England, I am not sure if they are called disciples or maharaj to be exact. Please forgive my terms if I am wrong as I do not know a lot about Hare Krishna Consciousness Movement. But if you would love to know more about Hare Krishna Movement please visit Krishna dot com. They have plenty of information regarding Hare Krishna Consciousness Movement. Video above were shot by Bee Bee (my wife). Longer version of chanting video from my camera will be uploaded soon :)

Light Yellow Puppy Not Doing Very Well.

Just got off the phone with the doc few minutes ago. The surgery is done and it is confirmed hernia, some of the intestine tissue has also damaged severely due to the biting. The puppy is now stabilized and sleeping under drip. We are now hoping the best and I hope we will have good news tomorrow.

The video above was shot earlier before the surgery.

Friday, September 21, 2007

(Hare Krishna) Radhastami Celebration.

I was invited to this Hare Krishna event that is called Radhastami last Thursday and the meaning of Radhastami is Appearance day of Rhada Krishna's wife. If you have follow my blog, I was late for the event as I have brought the Light Yellow Puppy to vet before that. The festival was very interesting where you listened to the story of Krishna Consciousness movement and you are served with variety of vegetarian food at the end of the speech, I did not take the curry as they contain milk and so do cakes. That was my first time being there and if my facts are not accurate, please do forgive me. There is a translator that help us to understand more too as you can see in the video above. Some photos too to share.

Tonight I will be at Gurney Drive, one of our local Penang favorite night spot to video the chanting and playing instrument of Hare Krishna movement, it must be very interesting and I am looking forward to share more with you.

PS: I got a call from the vet few minutes ago and the doc told me the Light Yellow puppy might be having hernia and if she confirms that on Monday, surgery need to be done. I have looked through the web and found what's hernia is. You can read it

White Puppy ( Jacky ) Reunited.

Went to the vet and picked up Jacky ( white puppy ) at noon just now. He was very happy to see us. He is still limping a bit as you can see in the video but eventually it will heal according to the doc. When we reached Jacky's house, the wife came out and greeted us and I started to explain to her again the situation. I also showed her the receipt and X-ray film, after that she went in and came out with the full payment! Wow, what a surprise and we didn't expect that to happen. I told her not to let Jacky out for 2 weeks and keep him indoor.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Rescue

As we were about to leave Jacky's owner place, Joseph called, and he was saying 'emergency'. So without delay, Khairul and I went to his place and found out a puppy that belong to a nearby neighbor has been bitten by a larger dog and was hiding under the bed in the house. The condition of the place is so terrible and dirty. Three of us do not think they can afford to pay for the treatment. We then brought the puppy to the nearest vet. Alera's fund will be used. I hope he will be okay soon and we might rehome him as soon as he gets better. Anyway we have to ask the owner first before we do that. It has been a tired day for me as after the vet, I was late for the Hare Krishna festival that my friend has invited both of us, my wife and I. I will be uploading some photos and video soon, hopefully tomorrow, just to share with you all, it was a very nice experience. However I forgot what was that festival all about, shame on me.

White Puppy ( Jacky ) Owner Called.

I got a message from Khairul that the owner called him. I was so happy and called Khairul back immediately. However the happy feeling did not last after listened to what Khairul has told me. The first phrase that came out from the owner was ' Where did you take my dog, I want him back now', yes, you are reading the exact words what he said to Khairul. Khairul just be patience with him and told him the situation that happened to the puppy, which later we found out his name is Jacky. Khairul wasn't feeling very happy so I decided to gave the owner a call too. I tried to get his address before I actually deliver Jacky back to him tomorrow, you know, just to make sure he is not lying and just want to check out his place. When we reached there, I asked the neighbor whether is Jacky belong to him and they said yes. They were very nice people and they were the ones who told the owner about his missing puppy. I guess they must have spotted our poster.

I did not bring out my camera because I did want to offend him, but after about 3 loud shouts and he was still in the house, I started to shoot some video of his compound, just to show you that one of his puppy was in the cage and you will get the idea where is Jacky staying.

We started chatting a bit and he did not sound worried or care very much. He thought we were charity animal rescue people or something that doing this for free, idiots! I am sorry but yes he is an idiot. However when we were about to leave, he did say thank you and asked me about the medical fee. You know, Khairul and I do not like the idea of asking money and from the conversation that we had with him on the phone, I doubt he will spend more than 10 dollar for animals. Anyway we told him at first we thought Jacky is a stray, we tried our best to save him and thats it, but I continued .."any amount that is comfortable with you is fine with us.', that's our exact words.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

White Puppy Rescue Poster Circulated.

Khairul and I have printed out 'puppy found' poster more than 200 copies and have already sticked on every lamp posts around the neighborhood. We have also flooded the mail boxes too and have asked around if anybody has lost their puppy. So far nothing, not a call. This really worries me as by Friday I need to bring him back from the vet. Hopefully the owner sees the poster and give either one of us a call or we just have to set him free where we have found him.

Please note, we do not promote vandalism, we will remove all the posters that we have pasted on the lamp posts and walls once our goal achieved :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Donation From Angelia Martin Received

Donation amounted ( USD 36.63 after fee deduction ) from Angelia Martin received today via Moneybookers with the help from Phil and Chris as usual. It will take a week ( maybe less ) to clear in my bank account. This fund will be spend on the White Puppy Rescue X-ray, medical and boarding fee.

Thank You Angelia and Thank You Phil and Chris for transaction! I am speechless.

White Puppy Rescue

Got a call from Khairul, his sister heard a loud bang and a puppy was whining in pain. The driver did not even walk out from the car and drove off. This is the problem with our society, I wonder will he stop if he hit a human. Ok, if you watch the video, we did manage to get him to the vet. He was hiding under a van when we arrived, after a while, we managed to pull him out and drove him to vet. Fortunately he did not injured severely, just a bit of crack along his front leg bone and the doc said he will healed eventually. At the moment he has given him some pain-killer to make him comfy and the puppy will be staying there for 2 days so that we have the time to find his owner. I have already design the poster ( A4 size ) and will be sticking on every trees and lamp posts tomorrow and will flood the neighborhood mail boxes. By the way, this puppy was found behind Khairul's place.

PS : The limping injured doggie is still at the vet and according to the doc, he will operate him this weekend and hopefully he will success the surgery. Will keep everyone posted once it's done.

Alera T-Shirts From Phil and Chris.

Another package from Phil and Chris arrived today. Inside the package there were 2 t-shirts and a toy for Alera. Unfortunately, the shirts were too big for him and he was making lots of noise when I put it on him, I guess he never wear a shirt before and this has made him a bit uneasy. Anyway, his wound is healing bit by bit everyday as you can see it in the photo attached on the left. Fur is growing too and I still have to put the cone on him just to make sure he is completely healed and not biting again. It took almost more than a month to heal so if he is biting it again, I will go crazy.... just kidding :)

Thank You again Phil and Chris!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kitty Road Rescue 15 Sep 2007

Time flies quickly and it has been 5 days since the rescue. It's a bit chilling over here in Penang Island after 3 days of heavy rains. Okay, back to the kitty. You know what, is a male kitty! So we go with the name Simba! He is still afraid and not really trust human as you can see in the video. According to Khairul, Simba is very good with his sister :). I am glad to hear that. I have brought some toys which donated by Phil and Chris sometime ago for his kitties. I also took some photos of the kitties and would love to share them with everyone, hope you like them.

Neighborhood Dog At Corridor

It has been raining heavily for the past few days over here in Penang Island. The weather is still chilling even now the rain has stopped. Two days ago this doggie that I named her 'Ah Girl ' came up to my doorstep, well not exactly my doorstep, just further away as you can see her in the video for temporary shelter. It has been raining heavily and her usual place that she sleeps was very wet, that is why she came up. She has been outside my apartment for 2 days and fortunately the apartment next to mine is empty until now or I might already got into trouble. I couldn't let her in as she did chase cats before and also because Lulu might not like her and not to mention her size and my apartment is already full. She has now gone back to her usual spot since the rain has stopped. Sometimes she sleeps under our apartment beside my scooter which is a good thing so that from time to time I can check her out.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dog-Catching Competition Is Off !

Yes! Just saw this headline on one of our local newspapers today and the Inhumane Dog Catching Competition that is going on in Selayang is off. However according to the article, the hunt and catch for strays will still continue with the help of the local SPCA :(

I just wish our government will promote TNR ( Trap, Neuter, Release ) instead of taking the easy way out but I doubt that is going to happen now.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Donation From Charmaine Received.

Donation from Charmaine ( Singapore) of RM 113 after conversion received via bank transfer yesterday. Thank You so much for helping the fur kids out Charmaine. Current balance of Baby Alera Fund is RM 1251.40 ( Ringgit Malaysia)

Dad's Biggest Oil Painting

This is so far the biggest painting, oil painting, my dad has painted. Usually he paints smaller pieces such as drawing block size or 15 by 20 inches and mostly in watercolor medium. This oil painting of white lilies are for his elder sister. We supposed to carry it back in the back of my car but it just too big to fit it. We have to use small lorry instead. By the way the man standing sort of like scratching his head is the artist and my dad :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kitty Road Rescue

It was afternoon and I was on my way to my in laws and was stuck in the jam, out of a sudden I saw this tiny kitty running in no direction in middle of the road that full of trucks and cars. Without delay I pulled my car aside, got out and approached the kitty slowly and snatched! He did fight back and I just ran towards my car and shut the door and let him inside. Straight he went hiding under my car seat until I reached home. I have my small digital camera with me at that time but I was not able to record the tense situation as if I were recording, I might have lost him, you know he might be ran over by car or truck and die.

The kitty was quite fierce and scared at the same time, I think he just tried to protect himself/herself if you watch the above video. The hissing sound he made and his mouth full of tiny sharp teeth did scare me off a bit, please forgive me for that, I have a small heart like peanut :)

I told Khairul about this and he willing to foster him for a while and might consider take him/her in. Until now we do not know whether he is a male or female. I just want to let him/her alone for a while and not to grab him/her at this moment. We have decided the names for the kitty, if male we will call him Simba and if female she will be Luca.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Donation From Susan Sykes Cleared.

Donation from Susan Skyes and Carol Milam cleared yesterday :)
Baby Alera fund balance at this moment is RM 1138.40 ( Ringgit Malaysia ). Once again thank you Susan and Carol. The donation has came on right time and all of them will be spent on curing the injured limping doggie.

Injured Limping Doggie - Update 11Sep2007

I called one of my friend who previously work in a vet to help us. He is very good in handling dog even bigger ones like Rotweiler. Surprisingly the dog was very calm and let him carried. However he didn't have the time to follow us to the vet and we have to carry him once we reached. As you can see the video, he was awake after a 30 minutes drive.

We got some X-ray done and he was injured pretty badly. Please click the X-ray photo to full size. The back leg bone were fractured completely and became like crossing each other. It must have been very painful. I have two option here according to the vet, one is amputate and one is fix him. Since he might be back on the street and since he still have a chance to walk with 4 legs, I will go to the fixing option which is putting a pipe inside and join the bone up. I certainly hope that the man has given him shelter will take in him, I just need to talk him again about this.

The dog has to stay in the vet for a month at least and the medical fee will not be cheap. I have to use all Alera fund in this and hopefully I can get some discount from the vet.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie - Update 10Sep2007

Attempt on bringing the dog up to my car failed due to our lack of experience in catching and handling injured dogs. My carrier just won't fit the size of this doggie by the way. Sedate medicine didn't work either and I have to add more tomorrow. Fortunately we found out that one of the neighbors there is letting him and his buddy ( other dog ) in. I am not so sure whether he will keep them or just temporary, but he did let them inside the compound. We will try our luck tomorrow and hopefully he will let us carry him again. At the end of the video it might be annoying to some but the reason why we were laughing was we were so exhausted after an hour trying to persuade him to come out from underneath the car but instead he just sat there not moving an inch. We also have asked the guy to use the cloth and pulled his leg out instead of covering the dog face, he must have not heard us well and this has made us laugh. We will be back tomorrow for sure!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie

It was Saturday night and we happened to be around my auntie's neighborhood. Khairul, Bee Bee and I saw this black dog limping while walking and possibility one of his back leg has dislocated. He couldn't stand properly and the back leg didn't touch the ground. I have asked around who is this dog belong to and according to the neighbors that the dog has been roaming for quite sometime and abandoned by his human. He has been like this almost for 4 months now. His license tag is from last year.

According to the people who stay in the neighborhood, this dog like to chase motorcyclist and it might got hit by some motorcyclist who got mad. This is terrible indeed. Hopefully Joseph and I manage to persuade him by wearing the muzzle and take him to the vet tomorrow evening for X-ray. Baby Alera fund will be spend on his medical treatment.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Malaysia's Inhumane Dog-Catching Competition!

Price awards to encourage this inhumane competition are:

1st price MYR15,000 (US$4,300)

2nd price MYR13,000 (US$3,700)

3rd price MYR11,000 (US$3,100)

We believe, this inhumane competition will not only subject stray/wild dogs to cruelty, but will also cause dognapping of dogs that belong to human families as well, because it will be a lot easier and faster to fulfill the prize eligibility.

"Anyone who wishes to rear the dogs are welcome to pick them up, otherwise we would dispose of them through the council’s own methods,” said the State Assemblyman of Rawang, Tang See Hang, as shown in the photo above grinning while catching a cardboard mock-up helpless mama dog by using a yellow ribboned neck loop, an inhumane method to capture dogs.

Please express your thoughts and feelings about this at the contact details below:



SMC Telephone: 603 6138 9898

MCA Telephone: 603 6091 6735

Fax: 603 6138 8933

Below are some of the email addresses of the Malaysian news/media that you can write to:

Please also contact The Humane Society of the United States/International regarding this matter:

and other relevant Animal Protection, Welfare and Basic Rights groups that you think may be able to help in some way.

Please cross post and sign the petition below. Thank you for all your help and support.

ps : original posted by a good friend Nick J.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Donation From Susan Sykes Received.

Donation from Susan Skyes and together with the previous donation from Carol Milam received today in my moneybookers account. She has donated £50GBP and after conversion it's about more than 100 USD. Susan Skyes is Chris' mom by the way from England. Phil and Chris has helped me also in Carol Milam donation by transferring it to me. Thank You again! I will top up to Alera's Fund once it is cleared in my bank account.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Donation from Bruce Chan ( Canada ) Cleared.

Check from Bruce Chan ( 50 USD ) for Alera has been cleared today as well. It took more than a month though. The money will go to all the necessity Alera needs, especially diapers and kitchen towels! Current balance of Alera's fund is RM 737.74 ( Ringgit Malaysia )

Thank You Bruce!

ps: Alera still wearing the cone and the wound is healing. Photo taken very recent :)

Donation From Phil and Carie Bauer Cleared

Donation from Phil and Carie finally cleared today in my bank account. Total of the Orange stray cat vet bill is RM457.70 and Alera's fund was use on that previously. Current balance of Alera's fund at this moment is RM 576.21 ( Ringgit Malaysia ). Sometime in next week, I have to top up Alera's food and also get some diapers for Papi and Alera. Once again, Thank You Phil, Chris and Carie!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Donation From Carol Milam

Donation from Carol Milam received today via PayPal. Carol got to know about the orange stray cat injury from the video I posted on Metacafe website. Carol is from California and she also into saving animals especially cats. So far this past month she has managed to trap 13 cats and got them all spayed and neutered. She has 15 kitties at home and a dog, I surely hope the dog will be okay :P

Anyway, if you are reading this Carol, THANK YOU for your donation and I will top up to Alera funds once it has been cleared in my account. I have to tell you that it might take some time to have PayPal fund cleared in my bank account as in Malaysia, we are not able to transfer fund from PayPal to our local Malaysian bank. I have to ask for my friends help again by using either one of these two methods. You can read it here and here.

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