Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Donation From Carie Bauer

Two days ago received some donation from Carie Bauer via PayPal and the donation is for the injured stray orange cat. At the moment of writing this, as a Malaysian, we cannot withdraw funds from PayPal but fortunately I have a few good friends and a brother that might able to help me out. Well is like this, I send the funds from my PayPal to hers or his and she will be sending me checks. The process might take a while, from the day she send out the check until I received it, banked in and wait be cleared in my account takes about 45 to 55 days. So Carie, if you are reading this, I can only top up the balance until I got the fund in hand but I wanted to thank you so much for helping out this poor kitty.

With more funds coming in, I will make sure the kitty will going to stay at the vet for a while until he is fully recover and got him fix ( spay ) after that.

Updates on myself : I am getting better after the injection, got some blood test done and it wasn't Denggi fever ( mosquito bite ) as suspected. I am glad, still weak but I will be okay by tomorrow hopefully to take Alera to clean up his wound again and pay the injured orange kitty a visit and take some videos and pictures.


Nikki said...

Oh Ngo!! I am SO sorry to hear you are ill. Wish I could be there to make sure you are okay.

I am sending you lots of positive energy my friend. Get well.

Angela said...

Thomas...Mike and myself wish you well. I have been reading your blog and still, I am amazed how warm and kind you are! God bless you! We are with you :) Feel better!

Phil Grimsey said...


I left you a message on MSN. Let me know if you think I can help at all :)

mikey said...

Hey Bro,

Hope you are feeling better! Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated. There are many causes of fever besides Dengue. You should seek medical attention if fever does not subside in two days.


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