Friday, August 24, 2007

Donation From Phil and Carie Bauer Received.

Just got an email notification few minutes ago from Moneybookers that I received fund from Phil. Phil has collected more than 100 USD for the orange stray that my friend and I rescued more than a week ago. Together he has send me donation from Carie Bauer as well and I have to thank him for that. So, Thank You Phil for taking so much trouble to go to the bank and did this! The fund should be enough for all the medication and spaying. Will top up the balance on Alera fund balance once the fund has been cleared.

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Phil Grimsey said...

Glad it appears to have worked! Im always nervous when using a new service that I may get something wrong!

It was NO trouble at all. We go the bank every saturday, and as we were sorting it out for our own donation already, it was no problem to sort Carie's out as well.


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