Monday, August 27, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued Rehome :)

Finally, it's time to bring the orange kitty to a new home. I keep on calling him orange kitty, well I am not good with names and I think I will let Khairul ( adopter )decide what name is suitable for the kitty. Khairul's place is big with compound and he has many cats, many rescued cats to be exact. I have given him some money to buy food for the kitty just to help him cutting down the cost as he has many other cats in the house, is not much though, just RM50 ( Ringgit Malaysia ) for time being. I will give him some toys from Phil and Chris, I think they ( the cats ) deserve them :)

The orange kitty has to be in the cage for a few days according to the vet so that he can familiarize with his new environment . I am pretty sure he will love his new home!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued Fixed!

It has been almost 16 days since the orange kitty found us and he is getting alot better. The video above were shot yesterday and according to the vet he has been castrated last Saturday and he has this thing called conjunctivitis, well plain English will be the eye infection and shouldn't be a problem. He is now eating well for sure if you look at the video and able to chew the dry kibble, thats certainly a relieve.

The kitty will be going to a new home today, this evening. The adopter is my friend, Khairul and I am so glad that he decided to take him in instead of letting him back on street. The photo on your right is my friend, Chun Chun. Without him making the call the other day, I am pretty sure the kitty will not survive at all and might die in pain. He has also donated RM 100 ( Ringgit Malaysia ) for the kitty. I have not total up the vet bill yet as the kitty is still at boarding place, after this evening I will know the total of fund spent on this kitty.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Donation From Phil and Carie Bauer Received.

Just got an email notification few minutes ago from Moneybookers that I received fund from Phil. Phil has collected more than 100 USD for the orange stray that my friend and I rescued more than a week ago. Together he has send me donation from Carie Bauer as well and I have to thank him for that. So, Thank You Phil for taking so much trouble to go to the bank and did this! The fund should be enough for all the medication and spaying. Will top up the balance on Alera fund balance once the fund has been cleared.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued - Updates 20 08 2007

Went to the vet few hours ago and this is the video to share. The cat is getting much better comparing the first day we found him. He no longer on drip and able to eat soft food at the moment. He turned out to be very friendly, surprise me really. Castration will probably on Friday and by that time I have to find a home for him or will have to release him back on street.

I have sent funds ( via PayPal ) from Carie Bauer to a friend ( Phil ) who is from England that willing to take the funds and send it to me via moneybookers so that I can receive the money faster in my account. It might take a while though. By the way if you remember, Phil also has donated toys for the kids a while ago.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Donation From Carie Bauer

Two days ago received some donation from Carie Bauer via PayPal and the donation is for the injured stray orange cat. At the moment of writing this, as a Malaysian, we cannot withdraw funds from PayPal but fortunately I have a few good friends and a brother that might able to help me out. Well is like this, I send the funds from my PayPal to hers or his and she will be sending me checks. The process might take a while, from the day she send out the check until I received it, banked in and wait be cleared in my account takes about 45 to 55 days. So Carie, if you are reading this, I can only top up the balance until I got the fund in hand but I wanted to thank you so much for helping out this poor kitty.

With more funds coming in, I will make sure the kitty will going to stay at the vet for a while until he is fully recover and got him fix ( spay ) after that.

Updates on myself : I am getting better after the injection, got some blood test done and it wasn't Denggi fever ( mosquito bite ) as suspected. I am glad, still weak but I will be okay by tomorrow hopefully to take Alera to clean up his wound again and pay the injured orange kitty a visit and take some videos and pictures.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued

Its almost 4 am in the morning and I am extremely tired. Just a quick short rescue story to share. My friend called me just now telling me that he and his girl friend saw a cat in the middle of the road struggling. Without delay, he pulled over and walked out from his car to see what happened. Someone must have hit the cat pretty badly until all the nose were bleeding and blood everywhere. Then he called me as he has no experience with strays rescue, well, I am no expert myself too but I willing to give a hand.

Once I arrived at the scene, the cat is quite fierce and defensive when I tried to touch him and making some noise and showing teeth. To be honest, I am pretty scare too as most of my rescues are smaller kitties. Look at the video and you will find out more.

At this moment, he is at the vet and I hope everything will turn out just fine for him. I couldn't keep him as he is a stray and there is too many kids at home. Mu friend and I are planning to set him loose once everything is ok, maybe get him spayed too, depends on how much money we still have. I have used Alera funds for him on medication and boarding, I hope my friend will able to help me out just a little and I totally understand if he can't since he is still a student.

The emergency vet is a new one and I am so so glad that one of my friend told me. From now onwards whenever there's accidents, I know where I will bring them to. Time for bed! TIRED!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Doc Cleaning Alera's Wound

Few days has passed and the wound is getting dryer. Brought Alera to the vet yesterday and the vet has to peel off the dead skin. To me I think it's painful but Alera seems okay with it and calm. The vet told me to apply another type of gel on him which is Solcoseryl, you can see the box in the video.

Alera need to go to the vet every 4 days to get his wound cleaned and for time being he has to wear the cone and stay in the cage, poor Alera. The vet said he would need probably 2 to 3 weeks for him to recover fully.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Alera Bites Himself

Yesterday I saw a small wound around Alera's belly, just a small wound, I cleaned it and applied some cream on it. After few hours when we came back from late dinner, the wound got bigger and there was blood in the cage. I was in shock and thought he has injured himself somewhere in the cage. I looked around and found nothing sharp, just toys and pillow and kitchen towels as usual. It was Saturday and all the vet were closed and we do not have any emergency vet around here unfortunately. Without delay I went and prepared some cloth and water and cleaned him, snapped some photos and posted on to ask for opinion and help and this is what I got from them, you can read it here.

My friend, the vet who used to follow up Alera's progress no longer open on Sunday and I have to call in a house-call vet, another friend of mine. He did some cleaning and dressing on Alera and told me probably ear mites might be the cause of this problem and itchiness. Due to Alera is paralyzed, he obviously couldn't use his leg to scratch the belly, he has to use his mouth to bite instead. The vet told me to bring Alera to his clinic anytime next week to redo the dressing. He has given Alera medicine, cream and injection. Alera is feeling much better now and sleeping, hopefully he will recover very soon

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