Monday, August 27, 2007

Orange Stray Cat Rescued Rehome :)

Finally, it's time to bring the orange kitty to a new home. I keep on calling him orange kitty, well I am not good with names and I think I will let Khairul ( adopter )decide what name is suitable for the kitty. Khairul's place is big with compound and he has many cats, many rescued cats to be exact. I have given him some money to buy food for the kitty just to help him cutting down the cost as he has many other cats in the house, is not much though, just RM50 ( Ringgit Malaysia ) for time being. I will give him some toys from Phil and Chris, I think they ( the cats ) deserve them :)

The orange kitty has to be in the cage for a few days according to the vet so that he can familiarize with his new environment . I am pretty sure he will love his new home!


Nikki said...

So do our latest little friend have a name? :)

Angela said...

Very nice!! Thanks Thomas for the video! The kitty will be fine, and he is a lucky cat! Thanks for sharing the video with us!

Ragga said...

You and your friend are lifesavers to those helpless strays! I wish there were more people like you guys in this world.. Keep up the good work!

ilovepearly said...

So happy that the orange kitty finally went to a loving home!

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