Sunday, December 30, 2007

Donation Via PayPal December 2007

Total donations via PayPal received for the month of December 2007 were $382.59 USD :)

To all donors! Again, I am SPEECHLESS and GRATEFUL and THANKFUL.


ps : donations are in pending mode as they are still in my PayPal, once every penny has transfered to my debit card account, will updated again in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note we( Malaysian ) are allow to cash out up to $500 USD per day with the transaction fee of $5 USD. I shall use the fund in PayPal to pay the wheelchair.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Package From Nikki And Zayne Arrived!

Nikki! Finally I got the package! Please say a big thanks to Zayne as well. I made a short and unscripted video just to share while opening it! The gang were very excited and waiting for their treats! It's already pass their bed time, but I will an exception today by feeding them some of the treats! It's Christmas and they deserved every bit of it! I will make myself a nice warm rooibos tea later :)

Merry Christmas Nikki and Zayne!!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 28

The video was shot on Monday ( Christmas Eve ). Alera is getting better and better each day! Yay! From today onwards he only has to go to the vet on 48 hours basis. I am so so glad that everything has worked out great for this little buddy! Anti-histamine still given to Alera.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 25

Day 25
Due to lots of errand need to be done by today, I have postponed the Alera's vet visit this evening. He was like sniffing the wound area just now and this has got me worried. After reaching the vet clinic, I was told by the doc that anti-histamine injection has a cycle of 24 hours, once it is over, it will somehow 'wake' Alera up. Anyway, he did say this unlikely will cause any side effects on Alera.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 24

Day 24
Alera surely getting better each day. The swelling paws has also subsided. The vet took some time to measure Alera base on the Eddie's Wheels Measurement Chart. We have got all the measurement as needed in the form. Unfortunately Alera's stifle joint has became too rigid, mmm...I am not sure what's that mean by the doc. But I do know that the joint has became stiffer and cannot bend and position like a standing cat, does that make any sense to you? Well I hope it does, if you can't understand me, please check my blog for the photo.

By the way, a good friend has helped me out by calling Eddie's Wheels on my behalf. Her name is Yen and I am very grateful and thankful :)

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 23

The swollen paws has subsided! Yay! He hasn't been sniffing the wound when the cone is off, that's also a relief. I have mixed the low ph food that I have blended in the blender with his tuna and he finished all! The urine also looks good too. I hope he will recover soon and back to normal. However when he sleeps at night, I still have to put the cone on.

By the way, a big package from Chris, Phil and Sooty came today! Inside the box, there are lots of presents nicely wrap with a small card for each and every fur kids. You can see it in the video below. Thank You Chris, Phil and Sooty!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 22

Brought Joseph along to the vet to check out the limping puppy and Alera for the usual treatment. The wound is healing very well and he has no longer wearing cone when he is out and of course when I am around. He is a lot happier and active now comparing to last time. The anti-histamine injection is still given to Alera.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 21

Day 21
Not very busy at the vet clinic just now. That's great for Alera as he didn't have to wait. Same treatment as usual. I told the vet the anti-histamine works really well since Alera doesn't sniff the tummy wound or the leg wound when the cone is not on him. The doc told me that there are lots of anti-histamine medicine on the market and he has given Alera the basic ones. Not too sure about that but will try to ask again when he is free.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 20

Day 20
Another Sunday, not so many traffic on our way to the vet which was very good, a relaxing driving. The doc cut off some of the scab and dead skin. Healing is a bit slow at the new wound area and swelling still going on due to inflammation. Anti-histamine and antibiotic injection was given as usual too. The tummy wound is also closing up which is a great healing progress too!

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 19

It's another Saturday, the vet clinic was full of people and their fur kids. I have a long cue ahead and since the doc is a good friend, I 'smuggled' Alera into the operation room, lol, just to wait there and avoid the crowd. At this time of writing, the doc still not 100% sure and couldn't determined whether Alera biting was due to psychological effect, that's why he didn't give the anti-anxiety medicine.

However he said all this might have been started from the urinary tract infection in the first place and Alera started to feel stress, which lead to licking, biting and so on. He will continue with the antibiotic and let the wound heal first. By the way, he has also given Alera anti-histamine injection just now.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 18

Went to the vet very early this morning as I hope Alera would be the first, unfortunately no, we were the second. Luckily the wound turned out not as worst as last time. Regarding the swollen paws, the doc said that's quite normal due to the tightness of bandage. At the end of the vet video, I have put in a short clip of Alera playing with the cone off and that was few hours ago :)

ps : stocked up some food for doggies, kitchen towels, some alera wet can food, potty sands. The usual food that Alera has been eating is not available at the moment and I have bought the others but same brand, just 5 small can as the stock will be arriving very soon. Alera funds were used.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Limping Puppy Spotted

Joseph messaged me about this limping puppy he spotted nearby his house yesterday night before Alera incident. After our dinner, Khairul and I went there to have a look. He was hiding under a van and we have tried to persuade him to come out by giving him some food. At first he didn't want to but finally he came out, got friendly with us and he was limping quite badly, but not as bad as Lucky though.

We were not able to take him back at that time. Anyway, Joseph was confident enough that he wouldn't run away as there's his roaming place. By the way, the place is very near to Joseph's house. Since I was bringing Alera to the vet this morning, I called Joseph to pick up the puppy in order to save time. He managed to pick him up and gave him a bath before both of them went to the vet.

The x-ray showed his hind leg has fractured a bit and slightly bend. No surgery is needed according to the doc and only resting will do and also some pain killer injection. I am not sure for how long he is going to be there but at least he has a temporary place to heal up properly and not mention a good shelter with food!

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 17

07:00 13December2007

07:30 13December2007

Day 17,
Today just another BAD day! Alera bitten himself pretty badly again as you can it in the videos above. It could have been worst if the viewer with the nick SKFong didn't take the efforts to find my mom's number. My mon called my cell phone as I was at another place. I left the flat at 3am and I hardly get my eyes shut. Without delay and in a shock of cause, I rushed back for Alera. I saw blood and more bite wounds. Called the doc and the vet clinic wasn't open yet at that time. So, I cleaned Alera and put a temporary bandage on just to cover up the open wound.

Before this happened, today, Joseph and I supposed to locate an injured limping puppy and bring him to vet for treatment. Three of us, Khairul, Jospeh and I were feeding him yesterday around 11:30 pm and due to our condition, we didn't bring him back. But Joseph is very certain he won't run away as he sleeps there most of the time, very nearby Joseph's house. He is a 8 months old puppy and Joseph happened to noticed he was limping yesterday. Fortunately Joseph managed to grab him and brought him back to his home and gave him a good bath before head out to the vet this morning. So Alera was in the carrier behind the car and the puppy was at the front seat with Joseph. Video of the puppy will coming up soon after this.

Back to Alera, seems like I am going back to the busy routine again, which is vet visit daily. That really doesn't bother me, but I just feel sad that accident happened in split second and at time like this. You know, I just, I mean my vet and I just couldn't figured out what is inside Alera's mind that made him chewed up himself this time. He said mostly likely and psychological effect and will look deep into this matter.

I would like to thank all who has involved in spending the valuable time by 'baby-sitting' Alera while everytime I am away through my ustream live broadcast. Deeply appreciated. You know who you are.

12:00 13December2007

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 15

From today onwards, Alera does not need to go to the vet everyday instead once every two days. The doc wants to leave the bandage on for a little bit longer. The wound has became redder and new tissues has also developed. Tummy wound also getting smaller too.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 14

Day 14
Another busy day at the vet clinic today. Alera is healing great. He also urinated before went to the vet this evening. Urine was not cloudy too. I took off his cone at the vet just now and he was very well behaved. Not struggling at all. Just look at his sweet little face, isn't he a cute little fellow.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 13

Sunday today and Alera still going to the vet. Cleaning and dressing as usual. The doc might test out some behavior hormone treatment on Alera as you can hear it in the video. Seriously I do not know what is that means but I will find out. Alera is on his way to recovery, that's just great!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 12

The vet clinic was very busy today! I have waited like 1 and a half hour before Alera's turn. While I was there, I have taken some photos of the newly reconstructed kennel area as per request by the doc. There is one room with air-con, the luxury one; and all the kennels are monitor by CCTV, pretty cool. The attached photos is just one of the kennels :)

Let's come back to Alera. Today will be his last day of antibiotic injection as the doc said he might not need it anymore since there is not infection on the wound. The wound healed up very good too!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 11

Alera definitely is getting better each day. A wonderful progress and a very tiring routine as everyday I need to drive! Arrr.... I wish the vet clinic is just beside my house :P
There are new tissues forming up on the wound area around the leg and also the tummy wound is getting smaller and is healing very fast too. Below is just a very short video at the vet.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Drowning Kitty ( Snowy ) Updates 1December2007

Last week went over to Khairul's place and shot a very short video on Snowy. He is getting taller and happier with the gang there. Sorry for the late updates because I am too busy with Alera's biting wound and urinary tract infection. I have brought some wet can food for Khairul's kitties as well. Snowy is very playful and he will not go out far from the house which is a good thing. On day I will go to Khairul's house during day time so I have better videos on him at the compound. Have patience with me :)

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Limping Doggie Surgery Fee Paid

The first $500 USD from PayPal has been cleared in my debit card yesterday. I have paid the balance of the limping doggie surgery charges today. The conversion of $495 USD ( fee $5.00 USD) to Ringgit Malaysian is RM 1639.14. The balance of the surgery is RM 700.

Current balance of Baby Alera fund is RM1017.45 and $995.88 USD in PayPal.
ps : I am still waiting for the Handicapped Pets for their reply on the wheel chair for Alera and will find alternative since I have not hear from them.

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 10

A short update for everyone. Today the doc has applied some cream (Braunovidon Salbe) on the wound instead of antiseptic spray to prevent the fresh tissues from sticking to the bandage. The wound seems to be healing very good :)

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 9

There was a lot of blood supply in the wound area and fresh tissues were forming up. Good sign! Usual treatment was given except this time when cleaning the wound, the vet used ordinary antiseptic solution instead of H2O2. I hope I am correct in this, as H2O2 will make Alera feel painful. There was no smell or pus at the wound area either and that's really make all of us relieve. He urinated before going to the vet this afternoon and the urine was light yellowish and kind of transparent too :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 8

17:30 4December2007

Today the doc sedated Alera for extensive cleaning on the wound area. Dead skin and scab were removed. The cleaning took not more than half an hour but the sedation last for like 1 hour plus. I waited there for Alera until he regained full consciousness before we went home.

This time pain killer was given instead of just antibiotic. Alera was very hungry when we came back from the vet and he has eaten almost a can of tuna with the cranberry relief.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Limping Doggie Going Home Again.

Joseph and I went to the vet to fetch Lucky this evening. When I checked back the last video on Lucky, I have mentioned him as Jacky in the video, LOL, please forgive my typo error. I did that a lot lately, I think I need glasses.

Anyway, back to Lucky, the plate/pin has been removed but unfortunately he is not using his leg at all. You can see that on the video below. I am sad looking at him as you know, my main intention is to make him complete again. I guess I just need to accept he is not going back to norm again. From the chat I had with some friends on my ustream chat room, some had recommended massage and acupuncture. Unfortunately my vet doesn't provide such services. I already told Chong Kooi, the adopter to try loosen the joint slowly and gently by massaging it daily whenever he is free. I certainly hope he will do that as they might help in a way.

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Alera's Wound Treatment Day 7

Day 7

Wasn't feeling very well last night, I meant myself. So I postponed the appointment to afternoon 2:30pm since I woke up late. Same treatment was given and the tummy wound scab has came off. There were some fat tissues in the wound and fortunately is not pus.

Tomorrow Alera will be sedated for extensive cleaning at the leg wound as there was some pus under the scab and the scab need to be removed to prevent problems. That's what the vet said.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 6

The paws of the injured leg has swollen due to the bandage tightness. The scab wound at the tummy also getting harder and there was inflammation going on at the area too. Today happened to be Sunday and the vet suppose to close, but since Dr Teoh is a nice person, he has called me to come over. The usual treatment was given to baby Alera.

After we reached home, Alera slept many hours in his cage, he didn't look too happy today, moody. I did cheer him up a bit by giving him extra tuna and has let him out mixing with Mimi and Ah Black after the heavy meal. He just watched them playing but didn't join in. That's sad. I have transfered $500 USD from PayPal (Alera Fund) to my debit card yesterday and will do the math once the fund reached my card. Will settle the balance of limping doggie surgery fee very soon.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 5

Day 5
Today, the doc cut off a bit of the dead skin and also examined the tummy scab wound. The tummy scab wound has became harder and sticked together with the under layer skin. I tried to clean and remove it bit by bit while at home. The vet also mentioned that he will try to remove all the dead skin around the leg and tummy area in few days time. By that time, Alera need to be sedated. It going to take a little longer than we thought for Alera to completely healed up. Anyway, the doc is confident enough Alera will be just fine.

Besides the wound, the doc also had pressed out some urine from Alera since he hasn't been urinating yesterday. There were still some blood cells under microscope and I was told to make sure Alera urinates everyday or constantly help him to do so by pressing gently at the lower tummy to prevent bladder extension.

Friday, November 30, 2007

Donation Via PayPal November 2007

Just finished calculated the donations of November 2007. Total of the donations is $1495.88 USD. I calculated twice and if I ever made a mistake, please tell me so I can correct it straight away. One of the donors prefer to remain anonymous! You know who you are and thank you. A Big Thanks to all the donors! I will start sourcing out the wheelchair tonight and will mail them the links to all Alera's videos. I hope I will get the wheelchair ASAP! Please, if anyone of you have more info regarding the wheelchair makers and website, do kindly forward to me. Very much appreciated!

To all donors! I am SPEECHLESS and GRATEFUL and THANKFUL.

ps : donations are in pending mode as they are still in my PayPal, once every penny has transfered to my debit card account, will updated again in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note we( Malaysian ) are allow to cash out up to $500 USD per day with the transaction fee of $5 USD. I shall use the fund in PayPal to pay the wheelchair.

Injured Limping Doggie Back To Vet

After brought back Alera from treatment, a short nap, got up, called Joseph, called Chong Kooi and headed out again for Lucky, the limping doggie. This time bringing Lucky to my car was easy, Joseph just grabbed him and that's it! He was not resisting. Phew! Chong Kooi also told us that he has not been using the leg totally and still limping. That's really bad.

At the vet, x-ray was carried out and the pin or plate will only be removed by tomorrow afternoon. Dr Teoh examined Lucky and told us that the joint and muscles has became stiffer. That's not very good. The other reason Lucky was still limping might be the cause of the pin inside the leg as it irritates the movement of the joint. Anyway, we only will find out tomorrow after the surgery.

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Alera's Wound Treatment Day 4

Alera is getting a lot energetic and his appetite has also improved. Reached the vet at the same time as yesterday and the vet not very busy. Usual treatment was given and there is some 'wetness' at the wound area too. Luckily there was no pus in the wound according to the vet. That's definitely a plus to recovery :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 3

11:30 29November2007

His skin around the wound area had turn really black today indicated that's the dead skin. The area was quite big too as you can see in the video below. He dislike traveling and on the way to vet just now, he was like meowing throughout the journey. I hope he will healed quickly so that he can come out and play with the rest and no more vet visits! Unfortunately that's not the case. He has to go back everyday except on Sunday.

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 2

Day 2
Some skin has turned black around the wound area, those were the dead cells according to the vet. No sedate injection or medicine was given to Alera when the cleaning process as it might create a side effects and risk on Alera. Alera is a very brave kitty and was well behave throughout the whole process.

His appetite also has improved a lot so was the urine. Video below was shot before we went to the vet.
11:50 28Nov2007

22:40 28Nov2007

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Big Shopping Day

Went shopping today and came up with lots of food, large diaper sheets, baby diapers, kitchen towels and doggie dry food. I will give 10 cans of wet kitty food to Khairul tomorrow for Snowy and the gang. Snowy is currently doing very well at Khairul's place and I will try to update him very soon, hopefully on Wednesday. The vegetarian dog food is a new arrival at the pet store and I decided to try it. As for Alera, his will be the tuna. Tomorrow shall be another busy day for me as I have to bring Alera to the vet for treatment. I hope he will recover very soon before Christmas!

Monday, November 26, 2007

Alera Has Bitten Himself Very Badly.

Woke up this morning and I was shocked! The whole bed was full of blood and at first I thought it was the urine. But when I looked closer, the whole chunk of muscles and tissues on Alera's hind leg were gone! Without delay, I went to the vet right away. I just do not understand, he has everything, I mean he has his time to come out and play and all the attentions he needs, just wonder why he always like to bite himself.

The doc has examined the wound and found out it is very difficult to stitch up as the wound was severely damage and there were holes on the skin as well. He told me that he was going to perform a 'secondary treatment' for Alera from now which is cleaning and dressing up everyday until new skin and tissues develop properly so that he can stitch up later in time. We are looking at about 3 to 4 weeks time. Alera has also lost lots of blood and he has a larger cone now around his neck.

18:00 27November2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 26Nov2007

No more vet visits! Yay! Well, at least for this moment! I just shot the above video today to show you a better view of how Alera reacted to his new diet/food, which is wet can food. I have mixed the food with cranberry relief as usual. He was banging the door, lol, it was funny how excited he was. I noticed he love this type of food instead of dry kibbles. In the video I did mentioned that he urinated very little, but that's not the case, at the end of the video, the whole diaper was soaked with urine! Yellowish urine, fortunately!

The wound also has became stiffer and there was like an extra dried skin on top when you touch it. And because of this, he bitten himself again! Yes, again while I was chatting online with a friend (Melissa) on my ustream live feed. The video below was recorded with ustream built in recorder. You might want to check it out too. Anyway, I have cleaned the wound and applied again the rowarolan powder.


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 25Nov2007

Took the photo above today. Thought of sharing with all. It's funny and sad at the same time while looking at them. Funny when they are wearing the same type of cone just in different sizes, it just made me laugh, I mean they are cute in that. Sad when they are still not fully recovered. Lulu is getting worst, the joint, athritis and the wound in front of her two legs. She has cultivated a very bad habbit which she constantly biting her both front legs. I was told by the vet to wash with the same antiseptic solution and apply rowarolan powder. Once Alera is fully recovered, I will spend my time on Lulu and bring her for thorough check up. I have shot several videos and showed to my vet, and the vet has told me probably the bones on the hind legs are slightly bend and dislocated a bit. He has given Lulu some medicine for time being, just to ease the pain. It really helps but I am scare of side effects as they are just pain killers.

As for Alera, today he finally got out from his bed! He is getting better but not as playful as he used to be. I think probably he is not 100% recovered yet. Urination was very little today though. Appetite was VERY good. I will start to stock up the wet can food by tomorrow or on Tuesday.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 24Nov2007

13:30 24thNovember2007

Just a quick updates for everyone. First of all, I am really, I mean really exhausted! But the thing that I am really happy is Alera finally eats on his own. No force feeding and no blending needed anymore. Yippeee!

I won't be uploading any videos for now on youtube regarding Alera as the trip to the vet was almost the same. Same medication and vitamins were given. However, my vet still think Alera has to be on low pH food for safe side. So I was told to mix a little, like sprinkle a little bit of blended food on the tuna he is eating right now, together with the cranberry relief.

The vet also mentioned that today will be the last medication day on Alera, at least for this moment. So from now onwards, what I need to do is try to monitor his urination and the wound. I hope the wound will healed properly by next Friday as he really needs a BATH!

19:30 24thNovember2007

Friday, November 23, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 23Nov2007

11:30 23November2007

16:09 23November2007

There was pus in Alera's wound this morning. I cleaned the wound as usual and also force-feeding him. He really didn't like the low pH food. So after a 5ML tube, I stopped giving it to him. The doc gave him the same medication today. His urination has also improved a lot.

I also told the doc regarding his dislike on low pH food and whether is it possible to change to wet food for a while just to boost up Alera's appetite. After consideration, the doc agree to try different food on Alera. Unfortunately the vet didn't have low pH wet food, so what he did was, he gave Alera some wet tuna from a can. Alera loved it but wasn't able to finish all at once. I was told to mix with the Cranberry Relief with the tuna wet food starting tomorrow. The Cranberry Relief is recommended to help maintain and support a healthy urinary tract. And also I brought back the cone this time! Let's hope Alera eats a lot starting tomorrow as he needs to gain back his strength again!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 22Nov2007

12:42 22nd November2007

Usual medication was given to Alera today, a jab of antibiotic, vitamin B-complex and a pill. The urination is getting better, not that reddish anymore. However, when look closer under microscope, it still contain some blood cells which we can't see with out bare eyes. The wound has healed properly. The vet also said he is not dehydrated anymore.

When I left the vet, I was a bit hurry and left the collar cone there on the table. So tonight I have to let Alera by himself without the collar. I found one of Bobo's puppy shirt and put it on. It fits well on Alera but just doesn't covered Alera's wound fully. He looks pretty handsome on it. Hopefully he won't bite the wound tonight. His doesn't like the low pH dry food and I have to force feed him, but he did drink glucose and water by his own when I gave it to him. The vet said he has to be on low pH food, at least for this period of time.

ps : Alera still bit himself when I last cleaned him at 10:40 pm. I have no choice and had to make a cone that similar with the collar cone from cardboard and masking tapes. My fault for not bringing back the cone.

23:00 22nd November 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 22Nov2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Alera Blood Test Report

Alera's blood test report arrived at the vet this afternoon. The doc said the kidney is a bit weak due to the readings. However he said it might be just temporary. Alera need to go to the vet again tomorrow for antibiotic and vitamins. I have force-fed Alera this afternoon with the low ph food. He ate like 10 tubes of 5ML blended food but he drank very little water. After that, he felt tired and slept for 1 or 2 hours. I cleaned the wound in the evening around 9:30 pm. He urinated and his urine did not contain any blood at all, just yellowish. This surely a relieve!

21:30 21stNovember2007

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

October Donations Via PayPal Cleared

Just a quick updates on October donation via PayPal. Went to Public Bank just now to get the statement from the counter since I have not receive my pin number yet. I will get the pin number very soon via postage. By then, I can withdraw the fund from ATM machines. Anyways, I can also withdraw the money now from the counter.

After conversion, the net amount is RM 380.29 (Ringgit Malaysia). Current balance of Baby Alera fund is RM 388.31 (Ringgit Malaysia). Please note that I still owe the vet balance of RM 700 (Ringgit Malaysia) of the limping doggie surgery and also Alera urinary track medication has not been calculated yet. The vet, Dr Teoh is a very nice person and he willing to wait until I calculate this month donation and I will pay him in full amount next month.

Alera Urinary Track Updates 21Nov2007

10:25 am
According to the doc, it might be the psychological effect that Alera has bitten himself. I hope I spelled that word correctly. Anyways, the doc has cleaned the wound with chlorhexidine (antiseptic solution) and applied Rowarolan (calcium carbonate) powder on Alera. He told me the powder will work better and faster than cream. I was told to wash the wound twice daily. Alera is getting better each day and this shows a good recovery process. I hope the blood test result turn up okay too. Will have to wait and see.

Alera Urinary Track Updates 20Nov2007

13:00 20th November 2007

I have some good news and some bad news. Well, I will start with the good news first.

Alera was a bit active today at the vet. The doc gave him the same antibiotic and vitamin. He was on drip too for 15 minutes with glucose. The urination also has shown some good sign, not as much blood as the first 2 days. He drank by himself too while came back from the vet.

Ok, now the bad news. If you have followed my ustream live streaming videos and you can see all the recorded videos here, Alera has bitten himself again! Yes, again, on the spot where the doc has shaved him. The wound is very red and large comparing to last time. I got to know only when came back from suppper around 11:30pm. I was in shock and without delay, cleaned his wound with clean water and applied the cream that the other vet gave me last time. I am not sure why he bitten himself but I am sure it must have been very itchy. This is very sad as he is on his way to recovery and another incident occured! I will bring him to vet tomorrow and see what the vet will say about this.

23:35 20th November 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 20Nov2007

13:00 20th November 2007

I have some good news and some bad news. Well, I will start with the good news first.

Alera was a bit active today at the vet. The doc gave him the same antibiotic and vitamin. He was on drip too for 15 minutes with glucose. The urination also has shown some good sign, not as much blood as the first 2 days. He drank by himself too while came back from the vet.

Ok, now the bad news. If you have followed my ustream live streaming videos and you can see all the recorded videos here, Alera has bitten himself again! Yes, again, on the spot where the doc has shaved him. The wound is very red and large comparing to last time. I got to know only when came back from suppper around 11:30pm. I was in shock and without delay, cleaned his wound with clean water and applied the cream that the other vet gave me last time. I am not sure why he bitten himself but I am sure it must have been very itchy. This is very sad as he is on his way to recovery and another incident occured! I will bring him to vet tomorrow and see what the vet will say about this.

23:35 20th November 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 19thNov2007

10:24 19th November 2007

12:50 19th November 2007

Brought Alera to the vet this afternoon. There is still blood in the urine. However at the moment of writing this, the urine was not so reddish when I last checked on him. The vet took some blood from Alera and will send it to the lab tomorrow for kidney test. Alera was also on drip for 20 minutes to keep him hydrated and vitamin B-complex was given to him too in order to build up his energy. A small dosage of antibiotic was given as well.

I have to force feed Alera with the low pH food. So I went to Tesco with Khairul just now to get the blender. I fed Alera two 5ml tubes of the blended food. He took some and that's a good sign. Will try to feed him again tomorrow morning. He has to go to the vet again tomorrow for drip and antibiotic and I think the vet did a very good job! By the way the vet is Mr Teoh :)

Videos above were taken before going to the vet in the morning and noon.

23:35 19th November 2007

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Alera Urinary Track Updates 17th,18thNov2007

Just a very quick updates for everyone. The video was captured via my account. You are welcome to join in the chat room and also you can change your nick from the ustreamer/xxxxxx to your desire nick/name. Just type in the following phrase except the bracket ( /nick yourname ) and change yourname to your nick or name below the chat box and click send. Please make sure you have a space between nick and yourname. The videos are from yesterday (Saturday) and this morning (Sunday). Urination is still going on with blood but not as bad as the first 2 days. Urine was a bit smelly than usual and with blood too. I force fed him little by little yesterday with some dry food soaked inside the water and also some glucose water.

This morning I supposed to go and help out the Meatless Day Carnival which is now going on, but Alera was peeing and he sprayed out a bit from the cage and I have to take care of him for a while. I guess I will just drop by the carnival during noon just to greet Khairul and take some videos to share. Alera drank a lot just now, by himself! Yes, he was like got up and look at the water plastic bowl. This is definitely a good start to recovery! I will try to give him some food later. He is now sleeping.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Alera Having Lower Urinary Tract Infection

Today is one of those 'difficulty' days. Alera urinated a lot since afternoon and it is still going on. I have changed 3 diapers in a row within half an hour. The belly just full of urine. He usually drink lots of water everyday but he doesn't urinate everyday though like the rest. He is not feeling very well and moody.

Sometimes he would hold the urine until a day or two then would let it out little by little. But today he seemed to let out A LOT. I brought him to vet after that and it was getting worst, he urinated with blood. The following is what the vet has told me.
  1. Lower urinary tract infection
  2. Bladder distension due to cystitis
  3. Hematuria-urine with blood.
The vet performed some scanning process on Alera and according to him the kidneys are alright. It is just the bladder contain lots of urine ( dirty urine ). He has given Alera a shot of antibiotic and some pain killer. He also recommended low ph food for Alera and asked me not to feed him with current food that I have at home. The low ph food is from Ekanuba. Alera is not eating and lost his appetite and he just hide himself at the corner of the cage.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Article About Baby Alera In Cat Magazine.

This is great surprise! Wow, I never, ever, thought of that coming. I was chatting with Phil and Chris yesterday night, mm...let me think, not yesterday night, in fact it's today morning at around 3.30 am. I was posting up a video regarding the Dead Dog At The Middle Of Express Way that I found on the 14th and suddenly I got a message via msn from Phil, asking me whether I want to hear a good news. Well, everybody love good news!

They have written an article about Alera and me and it got publish in 'your Cat' magazine (December 2007 issue), one of the Britain's Best-Selling Cat Magazine. The article appeared in the 'star letter' area. Mimi and Ah Black was mentioned in the article too! The article wins Sooty a Stockholm oval cushion, how sweet! And she deserved it! By the way the photo below is 18-year-old Sooty, the princess and only princess in the house, photographed by Phil from England.

ps : thank you so much Chris and Phil for showing the article to me. Deeply appreciated and not to forget Sooty! meow~!

Public Bank Debit Card Received Today.

Thought of doing a small video instead of writing it. I am so glad that the Public Visa Electron Debit Card arrived this afternoon. I have withdraw my pending donation (on the top right hand corner below the Alera Fund Balance) from PayPal to the card. It will take like 5 to 7 days to receive the fund in my card. Will update the Baby Alera Fund once I got the fund.

Thanks again to all donors!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Dead Dog At Middle Of Express Way

It's late, around 11:30pm, Bee Bee and I saw this furry dog lying down and not moving in the middle of the Jelutong Express Highway.Nobody seemed to care much as you can see in the video below. Not even a single car pulled over and checked the dog out, can you believe that? This is very sad indeed.

From far, I told Bee Bee there was a dog in the middle of the highway. I pulled over, parked my car, put on the hazard lights and walked towrads the dog with my digital camera. When I went near, I thought he was still alive, really, the body feels warm and there were no blood. He probably just died not long ago. He must have been hit by a car. I started to take some photos and because Bee Bee doesn't have bigger bags in her car, we didn't carry him right away. However I moved him to the side pavement.

Called Khairul for help and we came back with some plastic bags to wrap him up. We drove to SPCA Penang after that and no one was there. Its late and I guess the care taker must have slept. We just couldn't leave the carcass outside by the gate as there were many dogs around the neighborhood. After 15 minutes, we have no choice but to climb in. Khairul went in and Bee Bee and I were helping out by passing the carcass, it's HEAVY! I called Joseph after that and asked him to aware about this since he is a full time volunteer in SPCA.

Teasing Baby Alera While He Sleeps

It's been a while since I last updated on Baby Alera. I have taken many short clips of my fur kids very frequently and my hard drive space is running out! I will considering getting one external hard drive for backups, you know, I don't want to loose all the precious photos of my fur kids and their videos too. Anyway the video below was taken somewhere in mid october 2007 and I just found a piece music which I think might work on the video.

I love teasing Alera whenever he is taking a nap, evil me! He never got angry with me, not even once. Usually all my fur kids will be sleeping or taking naps before their dinner, between 2pm till 4.30pm. Ok, just a short update anyway and I hope you will like the video :)

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Young Pigeon Crossing Rainbow Bridge

Today is another bad day for me. I saw this young pigeon few days ago, he was standing on the grass below my apartment as you can see in the video below. I could felt that something was wrong the first day I saw him. As I walked towards him, he flapped his wing and flew away. So, I thought maybe he was fine. But the day after that, I saw him again and he just sat there, not moving much like an ordinary pigeon would do, so again, I walked towards him, he flew off. I didn't see him yesterday though and thought he must be somewhere else.

A while ago, when I brought Bobo down for a walk after his big meal, from far I saw 'Ah Gal', the neighborhood dog, had something in his mouth and she was walking towards me. Out of a shock, I saw this pigeon was in his mouth and I raised my tone commanding her to put it down. Ah Gal is a very socialable and obedient dog and she let him down at once on the grass. I looked at him and I wasn't sure what to do. For sure he was not badly bitten as there was no blood on his body. Ah Gal was like 'holding' her in her mouth instead of biting. Brought him up to my apartment, into my room and everyone ( my kids) were excited but I chased all of them out from the room and started recording the video. Its already 7.15 pm at that time and all the vet clinic were close except one emergency vet. I gave the doc a ring and asked if she could look at the pigeon, she told me she supposed to go out any minute but she was wiling to wait for me. Without delay, I was off to the vet.

Unfortunately the doc couldn't do anything as she didn't have any medicine for birds. She told me that the pigeon was very weak and skinny. I was told to keep the bird hydrate and spoon feed him. After leaving the vet, I drove to the nearest pet store to get some bird seeds and ask their opinion on how to treat sick bird, they did not have a clue either.

When I got home, the pigeon was very weak and he was dying. I felt very bad and did not know what to do except gave him some water. He couldn't stand anymore and was laying down. My wife has also prepared a small cup of glucose, thought it might help to gain his strength back. Sadly, we were wrong, after a few drop of water in his mouth, he was like falling into a deep sleep and in just less than 5 minutes, he no longer moving. It's very sad moment and I have not wrap him up yet until now. He has reminded me about a birdie that I saved not long ago ( few months back ) but end up crossing the rainbow bridge too after that day.

Please leave any comments and advise on dealing with injured birds, I really need to know more. Very much appreciated.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Supplement From VeganEssentials For Furry Kids

Lulu has been suffering from arthritis since few years ago (hind legs) and her joint conditions is getting worst recently and also she kept on biting her front legs. This has got me worried since many months ago and I did get some medicine for her from my vet but they just didn't help much. I have tried various range of glucosamine, both in powder form and tablets, unfortunately I didn't see much result or improvement on her. She used to be very active last time and can jump up on chair with no problem. But now if you watch the video below, she is getting weaker and I have to carry her down from second floor, 2 times a day to go potty, unfortunately they are not toilet trained. Bobo and her used to walk together but now I have to take one of them down separately. Video below and photo was taken last month.

Ten days ago, I placed order online some supplement for Lulu and Papi. The online store has lots of vegan products for companion animals and also for humans, the website is called VeganEssentials, check it out if you are interested. One good thing about them is their shipping cost is very reasonable! I have bought the following;
  1. HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief Formula
  2. Glucosamine HCL Powder by Prescription 2000
  3. Natural Calcium Powder for Dogs and Cats by Animal Essentials
I do hope glucosamine and the skin & itch relief medicine will help and improve Lulu current condition. Since the glucosamine and calcium are in powder form, so feeding shouldn't be a problem. All I have to do is mix with their daily food. By the way lulu is already 9 years old and she was adopted from our local shelter.

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