Saturday, December 15, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 19

It's another Saturday, the vet clinic was full of people and their fur kids. I have a long cue ahead and since the doc is a good friend, I 'smuggled' Alera into the operation room, lol, just to wait there and avoid the crowd. At this time of writing, the doc still not 100% sure and couldn't determined whether Alera biting was due to psychological effect, that's why he didn't give the anti-anxiety medicine.

However he said all this might have been started from the urinary tract infection in the first place and Alera started to feel stress, which lead to licking, biting and so on. He will continue with the antibiotic and let the wound heal first. By the way, he has also given Alera anti-histamine injection just now.


Joanie said...

Poor sweet baby Alera. When she cries on the vet's table, MY cat hears her and looks worried!
You are such a good daddy to Alera. I hope her leg heals and she quits that biting!!

Melissa said...

I think Alera liked the who "sneak in the back" trick. :D is the vet going to cut off that part of the wound Alera just bit? Or let it heal on it's own.

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