Sunday, December 2, 2007

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 6

The paws of the injured leg has swollen due to the bandage tightness. The scab wound at the tummy also getting harder and there was inflammation going on at the area too. Today happened to be Sunday and the vet suppose to close, but since Dr Teoh is a nice person, he has called me to come over. The usual treatment was given to baby Alera.

After we reached home, Alera slept many hours in his cage, he didn't look too happy today, moody. I did cheer him up a bit by giving him extra tuna and has let him out mixing with Mimi and Ah Black after the heavy meal. He just watched them playing but didn't join in. That's sad. I have transfered $500 USD from PayPal (Alera Fund) to my debit card yesterday and will do the math once the fund reached my card. Will settle the balance of limping doggie surgery fee very soon.


Pete said...

Ok thanks for the update Thomas. Even thou I dont comment most of the time I am watching your videos :)

Anonymous said...

He was craying more to day at the vet,his tierd and meby dont feel to play whith his sisters and brothers to day but you are doing the right thing to let him be there anyway,i think hi will come back and play when hi feels stronger, oh,my english i have forgot it from school!hope you can understand what i meen anyway, now give my beityful gay a hug from us, if its okey whith you i like to see your ather animals,they are so cute!

Phil Grimsey said...

Does Dr. Teoh think that there will be enough flesh to be able to cover the wound? What other options does he think are open to you?

Alera is such a good boy - I think I would be VERY grumpy with a sore leg, tummy and bottom yet he is only a little moody - he is an inspirational animal.

He is a lucky boy to have you for a daddy Thomas.

Melissa said...

That's sad his leg has swollen, poor little guy. :( I think if he had Ah Black in the room more often he'll want to play more. =)

Joanie said...

Poor baby, my heart hurts for Alera and seeing his little bones. He is so patient. What a nice vet to open on Sunday just for him! I pray he gets better soon.

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