Wednesday, October 31, 2007

AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian Adult Dog Food

Went to pet store yesterday and bought 2 large packets of cat and dog food. I feed my dogs ( Bobo, Lulu and Papi ) with the brand Addiction Holistic Vegetarian and they love it since the first day. I saw this brand, AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian for dogs and thought of giving it a try so that they have variety. Sometimes they also eat what I eat such as brown rice, potatoes, salads and they what love the most, is mock soya meat from my vegetarian cafe. Every time when I buy food from vegetarian cafe, I will rinse them in hot water just to make them less oily/greasy before feeding. They also eat green apples too! Bobo usually will finish the whole apple in a minute!

I tried AvoDerm Natural Vegetarian on Ah Gal too and as you can see in the video, she also eats them :). She is totally on meat base diet that the neighborhood lady always feed her. But recently almost everyday around 4 pm or so she will definitely come up for her snack, tea break biscuit snack :). That is why I just gave her only a cup full of the food. I didn't shoot the gang as they already finished their food.

I have stocked up the kitties food too :)

It always a debatable issue when you try to feed your companion animals with different diet such as vegetarian/vegan diet instead of meat-base diet. Below are some links worth reading about vegetarian for dogs and cats.

Vegetarian Dog Food
Vegetarian Society UK
PeTA Factsheets
HelpingAnimals dot Com

Companies that sell vegan dog and cat food.

Evolution Diet
F & O Alternative Pet Products
Harbingers of a New Age
Natural Life Pet Products
Nature’s Recipe
Newman’s Own
Pet Guard
Wow-Bow Distributors
Wysong Corporation

It's too bad that my country pet stores do not sell vegan/vegetarian cat food. Not a single brand.

October Donations Via PayPal.

From this month onwards, I will compile all donations on monthly basis. I think it is easier to for me to track and not have too many post of donations on my blog :)
Besides Phil and his family and Lisa, I have also received another 3 donations which are from :

Peter Joseph - $52.55 USD
Marcus Johansson - $18.86 USD
"In honor of Evie Cummings, a Puerto Rican rescue dog." - $47.75 USD ( humble donor doesn't want to reveal his name )

Total donations : $119.16 USD

Since I haven't receive my debit card, I couldn't withdraw the fund yet and I will put a word 'pending' below the Baby Alera Fund. The debit card will arrive very soon, hopefully by next week. For your information, Malaysian only can withdraw PayPal fund to credit/debit/prepaid cards at the moment and not possible via bank transfer.


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Brother and Brian Sent Me A Birthday Card :)

Birthdays, mmm....they make you older! Ha, I am just kidding, older and wiser maybe? Anyways, I received a birthday card from my brother and Brian this morning, surprisingly the cover is not a cake or ribbons or even a birthday quote but instead a picture of animals in kitchen! That's so cool, doesn't look like birthday card at all. I will stick it to my fridge! By the way my brother is Michael and sometimes he does leave comment on my blog. His nick is Mikey and he went to the states 2 years ago, studying and working. I am proud of him as you might know, it's tough to work and study at the same time. By the way my birthday falls on world vegan day which is 1st of November! Unfortunately over here in Malaysia, people does not celebrate world vegan day but we will be celebrating world meatless day soon on 18th November!

Inside the card,

Happy Birthday to you... You live in a zoo.

That's me!!! My apartment is a small zoo with a watch guard, my buddy, below my apartment! ( Sometimes she comes up :D )
Thank You so much and send my warmest regards to Brian!

ps : I did make a report today at SPCA and have located the address from the city councill in order to bring the heartless and irresponsible owner of the white mange doggie to justice. Animal law in Malaysia is just too WEAK! But the officer will try her best and I will try my best to get the lady whom I have spoken to the other day to come forward and be a witness if needed. But I doubt she would care.

Donation From Phil and Family Cleared!

Previous donation from Phil, Phil's parents, Chris, Chris's mom, Andy and not to forget Queen Sooty ( Kitty ) has been cleared 2 days ago! The money will be spent on kitties food as their food supply are running low and also will pay upfront for the limping dog surgery. Will head out to pet store tomorrow to get their favorite kibbles which is Avoderm.

I have taken some video of the limping dog 2 days ago. He needs more time as he still afraid to use his injured leg to walk or run. The vet told me he will get better once the plate/pipe removed. I will try to upload some video of him to share tomorrow. Give me some time :)

Thanks to Phil and family once again! I am grateful and don't know what else to say except a big THANKS!

Balance of RM 415.52 ( Ringgit Malaysia )

Monday, October 29, 2007

White Dog Crossing Rainbow Bridge; We Were Too Late.

Picked up Joseph at 4 pm today and we headed to the street to locate him. Since he was not there, we asked one of the neighbors and found out he might be roaming behind the residential area. We drove here and there but with no luck finding him. After a few rounds, from a distance we saw a dog sniffing on something, I couldn't see what it was as my vision was covered by cars around that area. We drove slowly towards the dog and with shock and sad at the same time, we saw the white dog lying there not moving at all. We knew instantly he has gone and the worst part is NOBODY cares! Nobody, I mean he collapsed at the side of the main entrance and I am pretty sure there must be lot of cars go in and out, but nobody even bothered. His body has turn cold and stiff.

We stayed there for a while and Joseph made a call to the council department asking them to come and collect the carcass. The two council workers in yellow t-shirts in the video are not from the animal department though, they are just ordinary worker that sweep the road daily. I deliberately let them carried the carcass so that you can see how our council workers deal with carcass. The man in brown shirt is the one of the council supervisors and his team who deal with animal carcass has gone home after 5 pm, that is why the yellow t-shirt workers had to help out since they were there sweeping the road.

I feel bad and so is Joseph and Khairul not because of the council workers but because of the people who live there do nothing at all to help this suffering animal. I took a lot of photos and videos to show to my vet asking him why this could happened suddenly within a day. He said it might have been hypothermia since he has been exposing to rains yesterday and also this morning. Another reason I took photos is because tomorrow morning, I will pick up Joseph and we will be heading to dog licensing department to trace this owner and file a cruelty report against him. He has to be punished for neglecting and abuse!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

White Dog Neglected By Irresponsible Owner

While we were driving home after our tea break, my wife and I spotted this unfortunate white hairless doggie. He was standing by the roadside, very skinny and has mange problem. I made a 'U' turn and parked my car across the road, got out from the car and walked towards this dog with food and water. He got a collar and a license so obviously he has a home. I am very upset with the owner on how he neglected his companion animal roaming on street without medical attention and food! Since the doggie was spotted in front of a house, I walked up and asked the owner to find out more.

At first I thought the doggie belongs to the family but no, the doggie actually belongs to the other neighbor. So I started digging more about why, how and since when this has happened. She told us the doggie has been kicked out from the house long time ago. She even told me it is useless to talk to them ( the owner ). I just wish our animal law in Malaysia is strict enough to put all these irresponsible owners and abusers behind jail for good.

I have 2 options here, one is to bring this doggie to local shelter where euthanasia is probably be carried out or on the other hand, I will bring him to my vet and cure him and after that find him a good home. Mmm....I will stick with number 2 if you ask me. Hopefully he will be there tomorrow. What surprise me more is why couldn't this lady that I talked to show some compassion or at least get some medicine for this doggie, I just don't understand, you know, she has a dog inside her house and she sees this cruelty and suffering infront of her everyday and do nothing about it.

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing."

-Anna Sewell (English Novelist)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

' Ah Girl ' And Her Grown Up ' Son '

If you have been following my videos, Joseph and I have brought a homeless dog for spaying from my neighborhood in May. I called her ' Ah Girl ' and the lady who shared the spaying fee has been keeping her male puppy. She also provides Ah Girl food and sometimes shelter, but Ah Girl choose to roam around the alley and recently, most of the time she will come up to my apartment and sleep in front of my door step and block half the corridor due to her size. Yesterday the lady let the puppy and her other dogs out for walk and this was my first time after so many months seeing him. He has grown up alot and got taller too. Very playful indeed and friendly. I managed to capture a short video of him and some photos just to share :)

You can view the previous video here when he was a small puppy ( time 01:43 )

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Drowning Kitty Finally Got A Name !

We are not good in picking names. While spending time looking at some comments on the videos, a reader suggested Spot and Chris suggested Snowflake or Snowy while chatting online . Since the kitty is white like snow, we decided to go for Snowy. The name reminds me of Tin Tin comic, the genius doggie :)

Photos and video were taken yesterday while I was at Khairul's place. That's his sister in the picture with Snowy, her name is Zaireen. She take turns to look after the kitties too. Snowy is very playful and make friends very quickly with the rest and no longer spend her days in cage. He is free to roam anywhere in and out the house. When I said 'out the house' I meant within the compound. I was amazed how fast she got so friendly with others, that's wonderful. Mafia ( the black kitty with white socks ) got a friend to play with now and they look like buddies to me, same height and same size. LOLz

Related post : Khairul and Daniel Rescued Drowning Kitty

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Donation From Phil and Family Received.

Donation from Phil, Phil's parents, Chris, Chris's mom, Andy and not to forget Queen Sooty ( Kitty ) received yesterday with the amount of USD 87.34. THANK YOU to all of you for continuing support on my cause and this will be the first payment for the injured limping doggie. I have not paid a single cent to the vet yet. This certainly a relieve for me as the Alera Fund is running low. I am not sure how much would charges be as the injured limping doggie has been staying there more than a month now and it was a major surgery. I will find out tomorrow and also will try to update the doggie condition.

Once again, THANK YOU!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Buster's Videos From Carol ( Toronto )

Just check my mail a while ago and notice there were several videos from Carol showing Buster! I must say, wow! The little fellow is fast in moving and he looks stronger than Alera and very adorable too! Thanks to Carol for giving Buster a loving home and share these wonderful videos to all of us! Great videos and music too!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

My 'How To' Videos For Buster

Two weeks ago I received an email from a lady name Carol from Toronto and she has found a kitty who has also paralyze and in the same condition as Baby Alera first found. The kitty name is Buster, please see the attached photo. Isn't he adorable. I am very proud of Carol for taking Buster in and wanted to give him a fighting chance and also a loving home. I have made 4 videos for her just to show my daily routine with Alera so that she get some ideas from my side. Please note that my method is purely base on my experiences with Alera and I have found out that Alera love to have kitchen towels instead of just newspaper, they are like bed sheets to him and whenever he pooped or urinated on them, it is much easier for me to clean up.

The diapers Alera and Papi are wearing now are from Pampers Comfort and they are using 'S' size. They only wear it when they are out from the cage and I change a new one every 2 or 3 hours, it all depends on situation. A great tip from Phil is not using strong detergent on cleaning the cages especially those which turn into smokey when dilutes such as dettol and so on. I would suggest using plain water is the best.

Please feel feel to add comments and tips so that we all can guide Carol on her new buddy and I wish Carol able to take some videos and photos for us to see in future as I couldn't wait to see more of Buster! Cute name for a cute cripple kitty I must say!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Papi Having Difficulty On Getting Up.

When I woke up this morning, Papi was very quiet laying down in her cage and this surprised me as she is the nosiest in the house and will bark very loud to wake everyone up. I carried her out and she started to cry when I put her down. There were no sign of injury at all but she just couldn't stand up. I tried helping her to get up so that I could wear diaper on her. At first I thought maybe the nails were causing the problem since they were a bit long, I trimmed them and the problem still the same. After a while I called the vet and ask his opinion and showed him the video above. He gave me some pain killer for Papi and I will see how it goes tomorrow. If there is no improvement on Papi after a few tablets, I will take her to the vet and do some thorough check up.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Khairul and Daniel Rescue Drowning Kitty

It was raining so heavily just now and flooded every road and drain in Penang Island. While my wife and I were having dinner, Khairul called and told me that he and Daniel saved a kitty from drowning and need my transportation as they were on bicycles. Without delay I finished up my dinner and went to see him. They have stopped neaby a goverment hospital carpark and when I reached there, both of them and the kitty were shivering. The kitty was rescued from drowning due to the flood at that area and she was stuck in the bushes with just her head could be seen. Fortunately Khairul heard the 'screaming' from the kitty or else the kitty might have been drown. His backpack is too soft and it would be hard for him to put the kitty in because of scaring the kitty might get suffocated on the way back.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Kitty Jaw Dislocation At Vet

While picking up Mafia from the vet this evening and also visited the limping doggie, we saw this small little kitty with his jaw dislocated. It breaks our hearts to see him in this painful condition. He has to be force fed to keep up his energy and also not to be left dehydrated.

A good Samaritan brought him in. Two obvious reasons he had encountered this painful sufferings was either by accident or got beaten! Hope he will make it and the Samaritan will take him in.

Limping Doggie After Surgery X-ray

This evening we went to the vet to pick up Mafia and he is now back at Khairul's place. The doc showed me x-ray of the injured limping dog and he told me to give him some time to heal. He has inserted a stainless steel iron plate/pipe/pin to join the bones. You can see it on the x-rays the before and after surgery. The dog is eating well too.

Previous videos below :
Injured Limping Doggie

Injured Limping Doggie 10Sep2007

Injured Limping Doggie 11Sep2007

Injured Limping Doggie 14Oct2007

Monday, October 15, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie Operated

Finally, after waiting for almost a month, the doc has operated the limping doggie. The surgery was complicated but at least it is over now. All we have to do now is wait until the doggie gain back some energy and able to get up and walk again. I have no details of how the surgery was perform but I do think the doc has insert some kind of plate to join up the broken bones. However he did told me that since the doggie has not been using the leg for so long, the muscle around that area has shrink down and walking might not be as 'smooth' as a normal doggie.

Previous videos below :
Injured Limping Doggie

Injured Limping Doggie 10Sep2007

Injured Limping Doggie 11Sep2007

Simba Crossing Rainbow Bridge :(

Got a call from the vet this afternoon and the doc told me that Simba already gone when he checked on him this morning. I was in shock and called Khairul immediately after that. My mind still very blank and do not know what to say. By the way, I just got back from Khairul's place where we buried Simba at his compound. From what the vet told me, Simba immune system was very weak, however while he was there, he did eat and pooped regularly, no sign of diarrhea or whatsoever sickness, just very weak. I just wish there is more explanation to this sudden death of Simba but as you know, in our country autopsy is not usually carried out on animals and even our vet friend do not perform autopsy since he is a very busy vet. We will be bringing Mafia back tomorrow.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Design On T-Shirt

My friend, Sam, recently bought a DTG inkjet printer that can print high resolution full color design on T-shirt. By the way, DTG stands for Direct To Garment. I have made some design last week for my Zazzle account and thought might as well give it a try on Sam's DTG printer. The kitty in my design was my previous rescued, unfortunately he did not make it and died after 2 days due to serious flu infection. He was about few months old at that time. My design is pretty simple, just a bit retouching on the photo mostly the background and add some text in it, that's all, pretty simple and straight forward which you can do it easily using any photo retouching software such as Adobe Photoshop. Sam has 3 dogs and all of them are pedigree. They are Pin Pin ( Golden Retriever ), Pi Pi ( Poodle ) and the last one is Pau Pau ( Beagle ). Pin Pin is pregnant and we will bring her to my vet probably tomorrow for scanning.

The DTG inkjet printer is awesome but it is very expensive ! The colors on the shirt are just so stunning and vivid. Unfortunately I am not sure how long will it last on shirt. The better quality of the shirt the longer the graphic and colors will stay on. I have washed my shirt ( folded inside out ) 3 times now with washing machine and they still look good to me. I will try to wash it until 10 or 20 times and will compare it to the first print out so we can really judge the difference!

If you would like to know more about DTG inkjet printers please visit DTG Digital.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Simba and Mafia Boarding

We sent Simba and Mafia to my friend's vet for boarding today because Khairul will be going back to hometown which is Perlis tomorrow morning for Hari Raya Aidilfitri holiday. Simba has grown taller ! He wasn't feeling well too since yesterday due to diarrhea. Fortunately Mafia is with him, so he won't feel alone in the cage, anyway I do not think they will feel alone since there are so many kitties there! From the video as you can see, he is now more socialable than before :)

First Day of Vegetarian Festival

Yesterday Khairul and I went to Hare Krishna temple nearby Penang Botanical Garden to have our vege meal. This month, October, from 11th till the 19th, we are celebrating the Nine Emperor Gods Festival. Almost everywhere you can see stalls decorated with Chinese calligraphy 'Nine Emperor God' yellow banner and selling vegetarian food. In fact they are all vegan food since during these 9 days no dairy are allowed at all and even the utensils have to be new and never been used. The reason I became vegan surely not because of this festival, it is purely because of animal cruelty, so I couldn't tell you more about this festival. You have to google it by entering a phrase such as ' Nine Emperor Gods Festival ' and you will see a bunch of links and photos which are related to it. Come on, just for nine days you are being merciful? I am speechless, really I am.

Video above isn't about the festival really, it is where were we during the first day of the festival and the 4 female cows :)

ps : the cows are lovely to touch and they are so big!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dead Kitten Found On Roadside

While driving tonight, I saw a dead kitten on the pavement beside a busy road. I happened to see these unfortunate small creatures whenever I am driving, not purposely focus on the pavement of course, I just see them at the right moment. Unfortunately he wasn't moving when I drove pass and I knew he was gone. Khairul helped me to bag him and the carcass was cold and my guess he probably dead for at least 10 to 20 hours, just my guess, I could be wrong. Just wish that we were in right time to save this little furry guy, but sadly there is nothing can be done now.

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

My Wedding Shooting Photos :)

We had our wedding photos taken on 6th August 2007. We legally married last year but just delay in having our dinner reception and wedding ceremony day, we will have it somewhere next year January.
We were very exhausted after the photo shooting sessions but definitely we have lots of fun during that day. The photos were shot using my small Fujifilm F31fd compact camera which I carry everyday in my pocket. I will upload some of the 'real' photos from the bridal house photographer very soon once they hand over the original copies.

ps : if you feel like listening to music while looking at the slides, please click the audio icon on the bottom left corner :)

Monday, October 8, 2007

Botanical Garden Penang

The above video was shot last week. We went there to test out my new vegan friendly shoe (Merrel Waterpro Current) that I bought a week ago. Very light and comfy footwear. We parked our car further away from the main entrance to save parking fees :). Unfortunately dogs are not allowed to go in and we cannot feed the monkeys too. To me this is absurd and not 'cool' at all. Anyway it was a fine weather during that day and we, my wife and I enjoyed the walk very much and I must say my new shoe rocks! Enjoy the video!

ps : long time ago when I was a kid, my dad used to bring us to Botanical Garden and I remember seeing big monkey ( gorilla/ ape/ orang utan ) and bears too during that time. Unfortunately they all died due to starvation according to Joseph's mom. What a shame!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Crossing Over Rainbow Bridge.

It really hit me hard when I came back to my house and look again the photo and a small clip that I have taken just now while at the vet to see the puppy for the last time. Khairul, Joseph and I were all there. The vet called me at 3.15pm and from her tone, I knew something was bad. The condition of the puppy was critical yesterday midnight and the surgery has to be carried out immediately or else he would have been suffered greatly and died. The vet finished the surgery at 2 am and she did every thing she could. The puppy was very weak in the next morning and when she checked him again after that, he already crossing over the rainbow bridge. It's really hard to accept this reality when I watched back all the videos that I have filmed during the rescue and all the updates we have been through, somehow I can still feel he is alive somewhere, well not in that form of body but somewhere else. He is now for sure in a better place.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Phil and Chris (England) Rescued Kitties.

If you remember Phil and Chris in my previous post, they are from England and has given me lots of help in fund transaction and sending my fur kids lots of toys. Recently they picked up four kitties and I wanted to share with you 2 of the videos they have filmed. The kitties were very hungry and at the same time very adorable. Unfortunately Chris told me that the mother cat is a bit scare of human. Hopefully she will come and reunited with the kitties very soon. Enjoy the video and I will let Phil tell you the rescue story :P

Great work Phil and Chris!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Update 01Oct2007

Bad News! This is not good. First of all, the surgery previously did not fail. There were skin infection right from the start due to the bite. The inner stitches burst because of the pus that's accumulated around the inner stitches. The skin that was used for stitching the inner part were bad skin and there was not enough healthy skin to be pulled and stitch up. At this moment we need to wait for the bad skin on the outside to peeled off and wait for the healthy skin to grow so that it can be pulled for stitching. After that back to the surgery again to stitch the inner wound. According to the doc, he is lucky to be alive till now and currently a bandage is wrap around the 'burst' area. Intestine seems to be working well as he can eat and poop. Hopefully he will recover. This is the best explanation I can explain and thanks to Joseph for writing the explanation as I was not very sure what's the vet was talking about.

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