Sunday, July 22, 2007

Plenty of Toys from England

Oh my god! Just look at all the toys in the above video clip. That's a lot for everyone in the house and they came all the way from England. Thank You so much Phil, Christina and Sooty ( the black kitty in the picture ). Phil got to know me after he saw Alera's video clips on youtube and decided to help me by donations, but I told him I am doing fine at the moment as the funds for Alera is still enough. Out of my surprise, he mailed me and mentioned he bought a lot of toys and will be sending them to me instead, well not to me exactly but to all my furry kitties and doggies, that's great! I will bring some to the shelter and share them with the shelter kitties as well as he has told me to do so in his last few emails. The magazine inside the package is awesome and full of informations about cats and it is not cheap if I buy it locally. Toys aren't that cheap either. Anyway hope you will enjoy the video, pictures coming soon.


mikey said...

Whoa! My kitties would love some toys too! :)

Angela said...

Hi Thomas!! I enjoyed watching the video!!! How cute all the kids are Thomas!!! I am very happy for you!

Angela said...

Oh Thomas!!! I enjoyed so much watching the kids playing and having a great time! It is almost time to get Alera his wheelchair!!! I will be emailing you with the details!

Nikki said...

Gee - Mary gets all the toys in the world that she wants but are not interested. I think my "child" is way too spoilt! :)

Ragga said...

Look at all these toys!! I think I have never seen a pile of animal toys this big before!!!
Alera is the cutest licking the feather hehe. Such a cute!

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