Friday, June 22, 2007

Third check from Angela and friends arrived

Check from Angela with the amount of USD100 arrived today. I have to thank Mary, Sue and Julie (from for their donation. The money will go to Disney's (the brown puppy) medical bills and I will combine the money together with Alera's fund. Even though I started calling the brown puppy Disney (Nikki has suggested) but she responded better with the name 'Papi' :)

Inside the envelope there are 2 set of tiny little kitties stickers which are very cute indeed, they are from Hallmark. Thanks again Angela for the extra gift (the stickers), I won't be sticking them for time being though as I do not want to waste them :)

By the way Angela, in your lovely letter you have mentioned every one's name except Mimi,LOL..

Regarding Disney/Papi urinating problem, I did call the vet and he said lets wait for a while and see if there is any improvement gradually, so I guess I will just wait for another 2 weeks or so. Currently Disney/Papi is having the same diet as Bobo and Lulu which is the vegetarian diet from Addiction brand and he seems to love it. One more thing, he is getting very noisy and she is getting taller, just slightly :)

Oh well, I guess you have to wait a while till I upload another video of her so you can see her with your own eye.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Cripple Kitten - updates 15June2007

Cripple Kitten - Updates 15June2007

Four months has passed and Alera is getting fatter and happier each day. Not that he eats a lot but perhaps he does rest a lot, ha ha. He has turned into a very fat handsome boy :) He just loves his blue ball and he likes to play catch too. Mimi and Ah Black on the other hand doesn't like to play catch at all. Ah Black just enjoy sitting on my laps and Mimi just like to go smell the toilet when it is dry and sleep there. The video is about Alera play catch and it was shot 2 days ago.

I have been submitting some of my 'kids' videos to various video-sharing sites such as Metacafe,Revver and Vume instead of just Youtube alone. I found that Metacafe in the sense of video resolution and sharpness is far better comparing to Youtube. Revver is not bad either. Anyway if you like to explore more about the site, below are the links to my videos on Youtube, Revver, Metacafe.

My Youtube Video
My Revver Video
My Metacafe Video

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Penang Dog Agility Competition

Today I went to see a dog agility competition with Joseph and my wife. The competition and training was organized by Penang Agility Dog Association and is a non-profit organization founded in 2001. There was a SPCA Penang booth and Joseph was helping out since he is a full time volunteer at the shelter.

To view full frame of the video above, right click and choose Show All

Most dogs were pedigree and I am not sure about how they train the doggie. Not many people turned up and according to Kogi(SPCA Penang worker), yesterday was a busy day instead. If you are interested in dog training and you are staying around Penang Island, you can check out their website for more info.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Brown Puppy Meet The Gang

To view full frame of the video above, right click and choose Show All

Brown puppy pee very regularly, I won't call that peeing but instead 'leaking'. It's like tiny drop instead of whole stream. That is why I put on the diaper on her, if not the whole house will be filled with tiny spot urine. I noticed also that she is not able to squat and will just stand and pee little amount every few minutes. I have to bring her to the vet again to find out more about this situation. She is now able to walk as you can see that on the video but not very stable, once a while she will fell down and getting up is difficult. Mimi doesn't really like her and so does Alera and her appearance has changed the situation abit in the house as Mimi is abit moody with me now and then. One more thing she bark alot and this might become a disturbance to the neighbour.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Cage and Drinking Kit for Injured Brown Puppy

Did some shopping today. Got a new cage for the puppy similar like Alera's. I really hate the idea of putting animals in cages but at the moment I just got no choice due to their conditions, of course they are not in their cages all the time, I am making sure they have time to come out and play. I also got a new toy for the kitty as you can see in the attached photos and a drinking kit for the puppy.

I placed Alera and the brown puppy side by side with a divider so that Alera won't feel disturb. I could sense Alera discomfort from yesterday since the puppy arrived, I hope he will get along with her eventually as she might be staying for some time. The puppy condition is similar like Alera's, especially the urinating part. She seems to urinate bit by bit and everywhere, its like 'leaking' and she hardly squat down and urinate, just stand and let it go, small portion at a time. Probably is because of the fractured on her left leg that cause this problem. This worries me and I will try and ask my vet very soon. She can stand right now but not for very long and motion is hard at this time. The wound is still very wet and I have followed the instruction from the vet to apply the cream twice daily.

I spent RM105 for the cage (RM80), drinking kit (RM15) and the toy (RM10). I have asked for a discount in order to save money. On the vet side I have spent RM115 for X-ray and medication. The vet also has given me a discount.

Current balance of Alera funds is RM 1149.41 (Ringgit Malaysia)

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