Saturday, June 2, 2007

Brown Puppy Meet The Gang

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Brown puppy pee very regularly, I won't call that peeing but instead 'leaking'. It's like tiny drop instead of whole stream. That is why I put on the diaper on her, if not the whole house will be filled with tiny spot urine. I noticed also that she is not able to squat and will just stand and pee little amount every few minutes. I have to bring her to the vet again to find out more about this situation. She is now able to walk as you can see that on the video but not very stable, once a while she will fell down and getting up is difficult. Mimi doesn't really like her and so does Alera and her appearance has changed the situation abit in the house as Mimi is abit moody with me now and then. One more thing she bark alot and this might become a disturbance to the neighbour.


mikey said...

For that constant urination, I believe it's a urinary tract infection...or he has a bladder/kidneys problem. Yes, you should check with the vet about that.

Anyway, he's SO adorable!

Kay said...

I am so glad that the brown puppy is getting a little better. My heart aches when I saw your youtube video of the injure puppy. Do you have a donation link?

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Mikey,

I will have to double confirm with you about the urination problem once I bring her to the vet first thing on Monday morning.

@ Kay,

Thank You for your kindness and comments. The puppy is getting better and big appetite too. But the problem now is the urination and constant barking while he is behind bars(cage). As I live in a small apartment and some of my furry kids are disable and blind, I need to put her in the cage for time being.

To answer your questions, I do not have a donation link as I can't withdraw money from PayPal ( I do have an account from PayPal). I always let a great friend of mine who is currently residing in US collecting donations on my behalf and her name is Angela (

or you can find her under this online forum of Humane Society US on below,
(it is the original thread about the cripple kitty Alera )

Once again, Thank You so much for your concern and generosity. Looking forward to hear from you again.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Kay,

I think the cripple kitten Alera link didn't appear properly. You can find the thread by following the step below,

-Click on March on Blog Archieve
-Click on Baby Alera
-Click on (Click this thread...)

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Nikki said...

Mikey - I agree with you. It could also be that the injury has something to do with the slight loss of bladder control. I don't know that much about dogs. Don't puppies piddle a bit when they are excited though?

Ngo - you can start teaching the puppy not to bark. Unfortunately again I don't know much about canine training methods, but I am sure you can find some methods online. The most important thing is the tone of your voice - that is what animals respond to most. So perhaps a deep loud NO might do the trick along with a tap on the nose, until the puppy gets the message. Don't know if it will work. I only ever had one dog and the relationship we had was forged under very special circumstances.

Keep an eye on the abcess on puppy's back. I am quite happy with the way the vet handled the little one. I now see that dogs have pretty much the same skin physiology as cats. That means if that abcess does not close properly, chances are that it might recurr at a later stage as there is an airpocket under the skin where bacteria can thrive. That is why vets generally after cleaning abcesses tighten the skin and stitch it up.

Well done and I am proud of you and I am proud to call you a friend.

Nikki said...

And my spelling sucks! :)

Angela said...

Thomas...I am so happy to see the puppy so happy...the constant urination is a problem that can be solved by the veterinarian's treatment. I do not believe that is something bad. The worst was solved by you, taking that poor soul home and taking care of him. God bless you Thomas!!
For the donation, anyone can go to PayPal website and type this email:

The money collected will be sent by check to Thomas next Friday (6-8-07) by mail.

Question: Does the puppy have a name?

Nikki said...

AAAHHHH pleasssseee can we call the puppy Disney?!

Angela said...

Wow!!! That is a great name!! What do u think Thomas???

Kay said...

Disney? lol.. call BROWNIE...haha

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