Friday, June 15, 2007

Cripple Kitten - updates 15June2007

Cripple Kitten - Updates 15June2007

Four months has passed and Alera is getting fatter and happier each day. Not that he eats a lot but perhaps he does rest a lot, ha ha. He has turned into a very fat handsome boy :) He just loves his blue ball and he likes to play catch too. Mimi and Ah Black on the other hand doesn't like to play catch at all. Ah Black just enjoy sitting on my laps and Mimi just like to go smell the toilet when it is dry and sleep there. The video is about Alera play catch and it was shot 2 days ago.

I have been submitting some of my 'kids' videos to various video-sharing sites such as Metacafe,Revver and Vume instead of just Youtube alone. I found that Metacafe in the sense of video resolution and sharpness is far better comparing to Youtube. Revver is not bad either. Anyway if you like to explore more about the site, below are the links to my videos on Youtube, Revver, Metacafe.

My Youtube Video
My Revver Video
My Metacafe Video


Kay said...

Woah... kitty can really speed! I am glad that kitty is having fun and playing around!

Nikki said...

Thomas - Alera could not have asked for a better human companion. I wish I could give little Alera a hug :) Please give him one from me.

mikey said...

OMG, he's SO cute!

Agnes Mitchell said...

Thank you for taking such wonderful care and for loving this little baby. This is a real triumph and it cannot be easy.
What you are doing says a great deal about the value of every life.
What a lucky kitty!
I do hope you can manage some sort of wheeled device. The bigger Alera gets the more strain he puts on his back. Best of luck to you and all your little babies.

Sister2brother said...

Well I have fell in love with your blog! I am adding it to my own!

As a fellow cat owner its always great to see other pet owners as well.

You are doing such a great job with your animals and you should feel very, very proud!

They all seem very happy!

Louise said...

I was deeply moved by your kindness for Alera, the would could do with a few more people like you. He would have a great deal more mobility with a wheelchair of sorts though. I once watched a vid of a cat climbing a tree with a wheelchair and it was awsome to see. keep up the good work and keep us all up to date on Youtube. XD

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