Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sze Chia ( Baby Alera ) Full Moon Gathering

Today 20th April, 11:30 am, friends gathered in our small humble home for Sze Chia full moon celebration. Time passed so quickly and it has been a month she arrived to this world. We have invited a HariGaura Das ( temple president of ISKCON Penang Island ) to lead a small bhajan accompany by mrdanga played by Kok Seng and guitar by Adi Kartri Das. After that we had vegan feast! Cooked by Chuan Chuan mataji and Suan mataji! If you are interested to see more photos, please follow the link below. Sze Chia is wearing Lord Jagannath baby T, a present from his uncle Mikey( my brother ) and Brian.

Here is the link to the rest of the photos on my facebook : Sze Chia Full Moon Gathering

Friday, April 3, 2009

Donation Via PayPal March 2009

Total donations via PayPal received for the month of March 2009 were $23.72 USD :)

To all donors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

ps : donations are in pending mode as they are still in my PayPal, once every penny has transfered to my debit card account, will updated again in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note we( Malaysian ) are allow to cash out up to $500 USD per day with the transaction fee of $5 USD.

Package From Lorena

Thank You so much Lorena, by the way Lorena is 'polkafreak ', one of my channel viewer and friend. Now baby has lots of clothes!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Dog Tied Up 24/7 To Palm Tree

This happened in Kulim, Kedah state. A good buddy Adi Kartri shot the first video below and told me about this. Video above was taken yesterday. We have reported this cruelty act to the local authority and they went this morning to warn the owner. The dog now is inside the compound of the house. If you would like to thank the officers, they are Mr Azaha and Mr Surender, 604 508 4879.

Thanks to Adi Kartri who shot this video, without him the dog probably still tied up to the palm tree outside :

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