Friday, March 21, 2008

Donation From Eddie ( Adi Kartri )

Oh my, the time on my task bar is 5:04 am and I am still awake. I should be in bed right now! Anyway just finished retouching some photos that I took while we were at Hare Krsna temple just now located at Seberang Jaya. There was a ceremony Bathing the Deities. OK, I know you must be confuse right now, scratching your head, wondering what am I saying. You are not alone as I wasn't too sure myself either and so was Bee Bee. It was our first time there and that's why I have some photos for your viewing pleasure.

First of all, when we arrived, Bathing Deities ceremony has started ( the ingredient was not vegan! but vegetarian of cause) , then a short lecture about Bhagavad-gita, few minutes stage play from children, maha mantra singing from Eddie ( Adi Kartri ) and Vegetarian Food ( Prasadam ).

OK, I wish I could elaborate more about the Bathing Deities ceremony, unfortunately I couldn't as I do not know much about this myself either ( still learning ). Google 'Hare Krsna bathing Deities' and you will be able to find some interesting articles.

Back to Eddie, if you remember, he was the good Samaritan that called us regarding the 3 cute kittens. He donated RM 200 ( Ringgit Malaysia ) for our fur kids just now. I was surprise and grateful at the same time. This is not his first donation infact second :) Donation will go to Baby Alera Fund account. Thanks to Eddie and his family. By the way, the photo on top, she is Radhya, Eddie's daughter and she is a born vegetarian and will not even harm a bug in fact she rescued a bug! Eddie is also a very well known singer and musician and so is his wife, Jasmine ( Janaki ). They sang on my wedding dinner 2 months ago and everyone loves them! Bee Bee and I were so lucky to have both of them and their team during that special day. Last photo below clockwise ( Eddie, Bee Bee, Jasmine and Radhya enjoying prasadam (vegetarian) ).

Hope you enjoy the photos and hopefully video will up soon. You can see all the photos by clicking here.

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