Monday, March 31, 2008

Three Little Cute Kittens 31Mar08

Direct Link : Vimeo Here and Youtube Here :)

Went to the vet yesterday and the doc confirmed that 3 of them do not have flu. Phew, what a relieve when both of us heard that! However the white kitty got some inflammation on both eyes and need some eye drop solution apply on them twice daily. Unfortunately they have ticks problem and we have bought a bottle of anti ticks spray. Vaccination and deworming will only be carried out next 2 weeks.

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Phil Grimsey said...

A kitten from a house that backs on to our own has recently developed cat flu. WIth Sooty in a weakened condition with her long term illness, we have been worried that she might catch it. We are also worried that "Peaches" our Feral cat that lives in the garden, might catch something too. Sadly, we cant get too close to her but everything seems ok

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