Thursday, January 31, 2008

Donation Via PayPal January 2008

Total donations via PayPal received for the month of January 2008 were $271.33 USD :)

To all donors! THANK YOU SO MUCH!

ps : donations are in pending mode as they are still in my PayPal, once every penny has transfered to my debit card account, will updated again in Malaysian Ringgit. Please note we( Malaysian ) are allow to cash out up to $500 USD per day with the transaction fee of $5 USD.

Regarding the Alera's wheelchair, Yen has received it and if I am not mistaken it is on it's way to Malaysia :)

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Injured Hind Paws Cat

We were looking for this injured cat since last week when Khairul's friend called us. However we couldn't find him everywhere when we got there since a lot of cars and people at that area during that time. Last Friday while we were outside shopping for Khairul's webcam, his friend called again and this time they had the cat with them. Thank goodness! Without delay, we went there immediately. I did not carry my carrier at that time unfortunately. We managed to get the cat in my car and drove him off to Khairul's house. He was well behaved in the car, that was unexpected :)

The next day we brought him to the vet and according to the vet, the leg need to be amputated. At first we thought somebody has been tying him up as there was like some tying mark on the injured area but the vet said unlikely. However, it might possible, we never know. Anyway, the doc said surgery need to be done. The surgery will be carried out sometime next week and the cat is already staying there. He is in good hands and will update on him soon hopefully.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Limping Puppy ( Jojo ) Rehomed!

Khairul and I went to the vet this morning to get Jojo out and I already decided to bring him to SPCA but was still not very sure, you know as the shelter is not a no-kill shelter. That's why I kept on delaying and keep him at the vet. But eventually we have to get him out sooner or later. So today, after several sleepless nights and deep thinking, I made up my mind to bring Jojo to SPCA instead of releasing him back on the street where we first found him. Honestly, the street is not safe for him anyway and the chances he might get injured and caught by local council also very high. On the other hand, even though the shelter is not a no-kill shelter but at least he will have a place to stay and hopefully get adopted. Believe me, this was a very hard decision.

But you know what, all of this has over! Finally! Jojo finally got a NEW HOME!! This happened very fast actually. It's like this, while we were there, I was kind of delaying the time, I looked at Jojo and was thinking, he really needs a bath before going to the shelter, so I bath him and after that brought him down from top floor to outside the vet for potty. On my way out, I met a friend, Miss Leong, and she was asking me about Jojo. I told her the whole story and would have to bring Jojo to shelter and if anyone ever been to animal shelters before, you will know that not every dog or cat will survive there or find a good home. She was saddened by the story and like telling me not to bring Jojo to the shelter. She told me to wait and she went back inside the vet and came out with a couple of good Samaritans. They are Lim and Siew Choo. After explaining to the husband and wife about Jojo, they decided to give Jojo a home! Isn't that wonderful!

I drove Jojo in my car with Khairul, Miss Leong followed us from behind and off we went to Jojo's new home! The place is definitely a paradise for Jojo, big compound and 3 other pedigree dogs as new friends. Good thing about Lim and Siew Choo is that they do not cage or confine dogs in small crates! The dogs are free to run anywhere in the house! Both husband and wife also has been helping homeless dogs throughout their lives :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 37

Alera Bite Himself Video Noon

Wound Cleaning By Me At Night

2Jan2008 11:00

Wound Cleaning Before Go To Vet

It has been quite a while since I last updated on Alera due to overloaded daily routine and preparation of my upcoming BIG DAY, the wedding. If you have been followed my ustream tv live feed, u already witnessed Alera bit himself again, yes again on the first day of 2008 and this time the wound has turned out to be a large one. Just watch the above videos to find out more. Luckily he did not attack the leg area which is a good thing.

I have asked the vet whether neutering will solve this problem, he said no. For the time being, I will be cleaning up the wound daily and the vet will give the injection ( antibiotic ) on daily basis so that this will speed up the healing time since I already know how to clean the wound. Once the scab formed up, the vet will help me to remove them.

I have also spent some fund money on kitties food supply shown in the attached photo.

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