Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Alera's Wound Treatment Day 37

Alera Bite Himself Video Noon

Wound Cleaning By Me At Night

2Jan2008 11:00

Wound Cleaning Before Go To Vet

It has been quite a while since I last updated on Alera due to overloaded daily routine and preparation of my upcoming BIG DAY, the wedding. If you have been followed my ustream tv live feed, u already witnessed Alera bit himself again, yes again on the first day of 2008 and this time the wound has turned out to be a large one. Just watch the above videos to find out more. Luckily he did not attack the leg area which is a good thing.

I have asked the vet whether neutering will solve this problem, he said no. For the time being, I will be cleaning up the wound daily and the vet will give the injection ( antibiotic ) on daily basis so that this will speed up the healing time since I already know how to clean the wound. Once the scab formed up, the vet will help me to remove them.

I have also spent some fund money on kitties food supply shown in the attached photo.

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