Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Donation from Bruce Chan ( Canada )

This morning my dad handed me a letter and when I looked at the envelope, it's from Canada and from a person name Bruce Chan. I am surprised as I do not know anybody from Canada, maybe there is but I can't remember. So without delay, I opened it and out of my surprise there is a small check amounted 50USD together with a small note.

Bruce, if you are reading this and since you did not include your email in the letter, I just wanted to thank you so much for the donation. The funds mostly will be used on food, diapers and kitchen towels. It will take about 30 to 45 days for the check to be cleared in my account, by then I will add it up together with the balance of the current fund.

Once again Thank You!

Third Check From Angela & Friends Cleared!

Third check from Angela and friends I received last month has been cleared today in my account with the exchange rate of 3.3784.

Current balance of Alera's fund in Ringgit Malaysia at this moment is RM910.65

Once again, Thank You Angela and friends!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Plenty of Toys from England

Oh my god! Just look at all the toys in the above video clip. That's a lot for everyone in the house and they came all the way from England. Thank You so much Phil, Christina and Sooty ( the black kitty in the picture ). Phil got to know me after he saw Alera's video clips on youtube and decided to help me by donations, but I told him I am doing fine at the moment as the funds for Alera is still enough. Out of my surprise, he mailed me and mentioned he bought a lot of toys and will be sending them to me instead, well not to me exactly but to all my furry kitties and doggies, that's great! I will bring some to the shelter and share them with the shelter kitties as well as he has told me to do so in his last few emails. The magazine inside the package is awesome and full of informations about cats and it is not cheap if I buy it locally. Toys aren't that cheap either. Anyway hope you will enjoy the video, pictures coming soon.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Brown Puppy - updates 18 July 2007

I got a new camera! Yay! Been thinking for a while now and at last I finally bought it. The reason I bought this camera is because of it's size that easily fit in my pocket and carry around. The camera is Fujifilm F31fd and it produce stunning results and the low light capability is very good. You can read all about it here.

I'm not very used to it yet as I'm more familiar towards the DSLR type of cameras and a manual person as well. Obviously this tiny little camera is a semi automatic and I have to take sometime to learn all the tools and buttons inside. The reason I called it a semi automatic is because you can manually adjust aperture and shutter speed control but do not get overwhelm by this and it is not really the same as the big DSLR cameras where you have endless control over it.

The movie mode is very good as it produce very nice, well expose video clip even though the situation is not very bright, of cos you might see some artifacts such as camera noise which is very common these days in many digital cameras. Unfortunately there aren't any zoom control or stabilizer while you are in video recording mode, you need to keep your hands steady and zoom to the subject before pressing the record button. The video is recorded in motion-jpeg format and you can edit it as long as you have a motion-jpeg codec install on your system.

Ok enough the tech stuff, let's come back to Papi :)
She got taller, nosier and very naughty! Mimi and Ah Black don't like her very much because every minute she is rough and like to bite. But I managed to train her to go to the bathroom for big potty and surprisingly she got it now,mmm I will say maybe 75%. I read somewhere on the web, if you are going to train your puppy to go potty in the bathroom or any specific place, you need at least 6 months so that he or she will fully understand that. Not bad for Papi as she got it like in a month!

Regarding the peeing, yes it is still going on and she is wearing 3 diapers a day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Alera Funds For Shanghai 840 Rescued Cats

I have used part of Alera's fund to aid the recent Shanghai 860 rescued cats by their local animal activist. You can read more about the rescue here and the photos here on forum. If you have any spare money left even as little as 5 dollars would make a difference towards these poor sentient beings. The donations will go to Misha Foundation and the person you should contact to is Rosa and the email is on the attached photo above. If you like to know more about cruelty involved in fur industry, please visit Anti Fur Society.

Additional photos here

Mimi Spayed!

Finally after 5 days spent in the vet, Mimi finally got home. I brought her for spaying and now she is fixed. I have to separate her from the rest as the thread is still in the tummy. Surprisingly when she stepped in the house yesterday, Ah Black wasn't very happy and smelled her all over and showing his teeth and making sound.

But today they seems to be okay with each other but I have to separate them for a while until the vet take off the thread by next week. Currently Mimi is sharing the Papi's cage, what I meant by sharing is when Papi is out Mimi goes in. Whenever Papi is out, everyone goes in, ha ha. The vet told me by next week he will take off the thread and by that time both of them will be back to normal and able to play together again! Yippee. The first photo on top is kind of funny when I started to shoot Mimi, thought of sharing and she seemed of saying 'bah'!

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Brown Puppy - updates 05 July 2007

A month has passed and Papi is getting better, not the urinating part but overall she is happy to be in the family. She got taller, active and nosier. I tried very hard to train her to go potty in the toilet but no luck, sometimes she got it right, other times you can see poop in the living room. I started to use spray bottle to spray her whenever she barks, just to get the message in her head that she is not supposed to bark, this is the problem living in a small apartment where you are surrounded with neighbor who doesn't love animals.

Urinating problem still going on and I have bought some baby diapers, the disposable ones, surprisingly they are cheaper than the pet diapers. All I have to do is cut a little hole so that Papi's tail can come out. By the way, the reason I use 'Papi' is because she responded better when I called her Papi instead of Disney :) . I hope Nikki won't mind about this.

Papi is a very playful puppy and she has sharp teeth and nails. She loves to bite everything including Mimi and Ah Black. This is why Ah Black and Mimi don't like her very much, she is just too playful and rough. Bobo and Lulu did attack her once a while as she didn't realize Bobo is blind and Lulu is having a bad arthritis all these while and doesn't like to be disturbed anymore.

I have a very tight schedule to keep up since Papi arrival in the family and I have not been to the shelter for almost 2 weeks now, I hope everything is ok there. Will go and help out tomorrow. Papi is having vegetarian diet as long as she is still staying here, the same diet as Bobo and Lulu are having daily which is the Zen Vegetarian Holistic Formula from Addiction and she loves every bite of it. The great news about this brand is the food is for all stages which means puppy and elderly doggies can have it.

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