Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Brown Puppy - updates 05 July 2007

A month has passed and Papi is getting better, not the urinating part but overall she is happy to be in the family. She got taller, active and nosier. I tried very hard to train her to go potty in the toilet but no luck, sometimes she got it right, other times you can see poop in the living room. I started to use spray bottle to spray her whenever she barks, just to get the message in her head that she is not supposed to bark, this is the problem living in a small apartment where you are surrounded with neighbor who doesn't love animals.

Urinating problem still going on and I have bought some baby diapers, the disposable ones, surprisingly they are cheaper than the pet diapers. All I have to do is cut a little hole so that Papi's tail can come out. By the way, the reason I use 'Papi' is because she responded better when I called her Papi instead of Disney :) . I hope Nikki won't mind about this.

Papi is a very playful puppy and she has sharp teeth and nails. She loves to bite everything including Mimi and Ah Black. This is why Ah Black and Mimi don't like her very much, she is just too playful and rough. Bobo and Lulu did attack her once a while as she didn't realize Bobo is blind and Lulu is having a bad arthritis all these while and doesn't like to be disturbed anymore.

I have a very tight schedule to keep up since Papi arrival in the family and I have not been to the shelter for almost 2 weeks now, I hope everything is ok there. Will go and help out tomorrow. Papi is having vegetarian diet as long as she is still staying here, the same diet as Bobo and Lulu are having daily which is the Zen Vegetarian Holistic Formula from Addiction and she loves every bite of it. The great news about this brand is the food is for all stages which means puppy and elderly doggies can have it.


Nikki said...

Of course I don't mind.

Glad to see everyone is doing well. You have been quiet and I must admit, we were just a little bit worried!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Nikki,

Thank You for your understanding and patience :)
Will try to update my blog more regularly maybe with photos if I am not able to shoot the videos :)

Nikki said...

As I said Ngo - just glad you are okay :)

Man Papi is so cute! Wow, you know, it makes me tired just looking at her. I forgot how much energy puppies have!!

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