Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Mimi Spayed!

Finally after 5 days spent in the vet, Mimi finally got home. I brought her for spaying and now she is fixed. I have to separate her from the rest as the thread is still in the tummy. Surprisingly when she stepped in the house yesterday, Ah Black wasn't very happy and smelled her all over and showing his teeth and making sound.

But today they seems to be okay with each other but I have to separate them for a while until the vet take off the thread by next week. Currently Mimi is sharing the Papi's cage, what I meant by sharing is when Papi is out Mimi goes in. Whenever Papi is out, everyone goes in, ha ha. The vet told me by next week he will take off the thread and by that time both of them will be back to normal and able to play together again! Yippee. The first photo on top is kind of funny when I started to shoot Mimi, thought of sharing and she seemed of saying 'bah'!

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Angela said...

Thomas, she is growing so fast and she looks so good!! Thanks for sharing those pictures with us!!

Thanks for helping the cats in China, that was a mark in history and they need a lot of help! We are trying to collect as much money as we can, please, spread the word, and tell everyone to visit and go to "China Mission" to make a donation!

Thanks and God bless you, your wife and the furkids!!

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