Thursday, May 31, 2007

Injured Brown Puppy

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While I was sleeping this morning, my mom came back and woke me up telling me that she has brought back an injured puppy. Without delay, I got up and saw this poor baby laying on the floor and couldn't stand up. The first thing that came into my mind at that moment was, oh no, she might be in the same situation like Baby Alera. After taking some video of her and a few photos of the wounded area, I called my vet telling him I would be bringing an injured puppy over.

The vet was very busy and I had to wait, fortunately at that time the puppy was asleep in the carrier. After like half an hour or so, it was my turn. I am glad that the puppy turned out not that worst as Baby Alera, her left leg has fractured but she still able to walk according to the vet. He did some X-ray on her as you can see in the video. She just need lots of rest, attention and medication.

While I am writting this, she is awake and its almost 2am in the morning, I have to let her sit in slanting position so she will feel more comfy and not pain. She has lots of fleas! Tiny little fleas like cats have. Alera is not feeling comfy due to her appearence, I do hope he can get along with her soon as she will be staying for some time.

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Mei Ling said...

How is this dog now? What do you do with all these rescued dogs?

I am an animal lover myself but I cannot bear the pain of having them leaving me. My dog died at 10 yrs due to cancer and I still feel the pain even after 4 years.

I'd love to contribute to your cause. Tell me how.

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