Monday, May 28, 2007

My Homeless Furry Friend

As usual, I will bring Bobo and Lulu down for a late night walk everyday. I saw my homeless friend that I brought her for spaying the other day were down stair waiting for me. Must be the small gate that was left opened and that's how she came in. I took the photo from the top floor where I am staying. Kinda sad and at the same time excited to see her, knowing that she is okay after the surgery, no bleeding or any kind of infection around the cut.

When I came down with my camera, she was awake and greeted me as usual, jump on me too. If you look at the third picture on the right, she is actually sleeping at the alley opposite my apartment gate. The photos were taken using my Nikon D70s with high ISO (1600) so they are kind of noisy and full with pixel artifacts. I did some adjustments on the noise and color correction too, they are pretty close to the actual lighting atmosphere.

Hopefully one day the lady who has shared the spaying fees willing to take her in as roaming on the street is really not a good thing. Fortunately the road in front my apartment is a dead end so there is not much traffic.

I haven't pick a name for her though, but I called her 'Ah Gal', in fact I called every female fur friend 'Ah Gal' :)
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Nikki said...

Is there no way you can get her a little kennel to sleep in and put it just inside or perhaps just outside the gate?

Ngo Thye Aun said...

Nikki, if I am allow to put a kennel below my apartment or somewhere near the gate, I will do that long time ago :)

People in my area just do not like animals and they show no compassion at all to strays, sadly to say but it's true. I have informed a few of my neigbour regarding the spaying so that they will not chase her away. All they can think of is the dog might create a mass and have babies here and dig through the rubbish can and so on :(

Ah Gal sometimes will come over during night time and other times she will be staying at the alley. I am looking forward to get a second hand big kennel for her in future, and I have to discuss this with the lady that has been feeding her. Hopefully she won't mind and willing to put the kennel outside her back door.

Nikki said...

Ah of course :) I should never doubt you :)

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