Wednesday, May 23, 2007

'Ah Black' drawing on iStockPhoto :)

Photographing black or dark subjects is always very difficult and I do not know why. Instead of submitting a real black kitty photo, I have submitted a drawing of a black kitty instead. His name is 'Ah Black' and you might wonder why there is a 'Ah' at the front, well it's a Chinese thingy, you will get the idea if you take a trip to china town :), haha, I am just talking nonsense. Anyways, I am happy the photo of Ah Black drawing got approval today and now it is in my iStockphoto portfolio. Yipee!

The drawing was done by my father and the second photo was shot by me while Ah Black was curious about what I was holding in my hand and what was going on. It's funny whenever he looks suspicious on something which I am about to do. I love this photo but it won't make it to microstock due to uninteresting composition, lack of lighting and not to mention camera noise at high ISO!

By the way Ah Black is a rescued kitty from highway (freeway) few months ago. Now he is staying with us and he loves to climb on me every time I sit down and watch TV.

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Nikki said...

Whenever I bring out the camera, Mary wants to run! :)

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