Monday, May 14, 2007

Bobo on iStockPhoto.

My lovely Bobo sleeping photo has been accepted on iStockPhoto today. If my memory serve me right, there are another two photos of Bobo in my iStockPhoto portfolio. I love this photo the most, shallow depth of field and he is so peaceful. How I wish he is not blind and able to see the world again.


Nikki said...

Beautiful photo of Bobo Ngo! :) Don't worry about him not being able to see - Bobo is HAPPY and that is all that matters :)

Angela said...

Awwwww!! How cute Thomas!!

Dazeybells said...

I also have a blind dog. She was a rescue. I believe she has always been blind due to bad breeding-she is a double dabble daschund. I have had her for three years and she has enriched my life more than I have hers. I wish I could of had her as a puppy so she wouldn't of had such a bad life. She was used as a breeder somewhere. She has no teeth, partial deaf, and has tattoos in her ears. Your work with animals is a testament to people that care. Keep up the good work.

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