Friday, May 25, 2007

Alera Photos, One Accepted, One Rejected

The top photo has been accepted on iStockPhoto but not the second photo. But if you ask me, I love the bottom photo the most. It is always very challenging when capturing Alera with my NikonD70s as he will not sit still eventhough he is cripple. I think I have mananged to capture Alera moody expression and his eyes are very sparkling than the top one. Of cos I did some photo retouching but not too much, just some noise clean up and a little bit of sharpening. Main reason I get from the rejection was the lighting and shadows could somehow be improved. Oh well, this going to make me to take more and more photos of Alera :)

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Leor-Quest said... kitty is all back with a white belly and a little under her chin..I love her.....go check out my blog and participate

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