Thursday, May 10, 2007

Alera Funds For Istanbul Shelter

Just sent some of Alera funds (USD200=RM678) to Tina who is from Istanbul. Her shelter really need help and since Alera funds is more than enough, I am happy to help Tina by sending some donations.

The third cat photo from the top is Sakir and he is suffering from urinary track and has to urine through a plastic pipe as shown.

The fourth cat photo from top is Wit-Wit and she has lost sudden weight.

The last photo is Ugur and she just had her tumor operation sponsored by a local lady, who unfortunately could not come up for Ugur's cyst operation!. According to the Vet the 2nd operation could not wait in fear of the cyst turned into tumor again.

Please visit this link to find out more if you would like to contribute help for the voiceless in Istanbul shelter. The person you can contact with is Tina and you can read her profile in by following the link above and click on her name.

Balance of Alera funds at the moment is RM 1045.74 (Ringgit Malaysia)

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Nikki said...

Strange Thomas - yesterday when I read the Care2 request, I knew in my heart you would take some from Alera's fund and donate.

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