Sunday, May 6, 2007

Alera food changed - Iams to Avoderm

Just got back from a local pet store nearby my place to get some food for baby Alera. I hate the idea of going to pet stores, seeing those unfortunate animals such as birds,rabbits,puppies,kitties and many other creatures caged just make me feel sad. I just wish people will stop supporting pet stores by not buying animals but instead adopt animals from the shelter. Pet stores should only sell supplies for animals such as food and toys or run a boarding place.

Ok, I am kind of worried about the food recalled issue that wide spread on the internet a while ago, so I decided to change Iams to other brand. I got baby Alera and the gang Avoderm instead and it was highly recommended by the pet store owner. The price is not very cheap, cost around RM90 for 8.16kg after discount. This is the first time I spent Alera funds.

I got another packet of kitty food which is Country Value using my own money. It is cheaper than Avoderm, only cost about RM60 and weigh 9.07kg. This packet will be going to the local shelter next week. According to the owner of the pet store, Avoderm is the same level as Iams so it is more expensive comparing to Country Value which is lower quality. I hope Alera and the gang will love Avoderm!


Nikki said...

Let us know how they like the Avoderm - I am most curious!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

So far they love it!
You can read more in this site below,

and they have not been involved in any recent recalls.

Alexa said...

I know my cats do very well on Avoderm. They've eaten it for five years...regular formula, not hairball control. Even with that, they have WAY fewer hairball events than when they were on Science Diet and Iams.

Maria Cristina said...

Greetings from Texas!
My sister's cat is eating AvoDerm now and he's been doing really well while on it. It's made his fur soft and he loves the dry food.

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