Monday, May 21, 2007

Spaying Neighbourhood Dog

It has been a while since this dog staying at the alley opposite my flat. We became friends very quickly. She is friendly and socialable. Unfortunately I couldn't take her in as my place is too small and my house is like a zoo currently. Sometimes one of the terrace houses owner will let her in for just shelter and food. The rest of the time she will be roaming at the alley and stay underneath cars. Joseph and I take her to the vet today for spaying to prevent strays and we performed TNR (Trap, Neuter,Release), in this case, we did not actually trap her :)

The spaying is already done by the way when I called the doc few hours later and I shall visit her tomorrow. I am going to get a license number and a collar for her too. Thanks to Joseph for taking care of her behind the back seat!

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Nikki said...

You're a damn saint Ngo. I wish all people were like you.

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