Monday, September 10, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie - Update 10Sep2007

Attempt on bringing the dog up to my car failed due to our lack of experience in catching and handling injured dogs. My carrier just won't fit the size of this doggie by the way. Sedate medicine didn't work either and I have to add more tomorrow. Fortunately we found out that one of the neighbors there is letting him and his buddy ( other dog ) in. I am not so sure whether he will keep them or just temporary, but he did let them inside the compound. We will try our luck tomorrow and hopefully he will let us carry him again. At the end of the video it might be annoying to some but the reason why we were laughing was we were so exhausted after an hour trying to persuade him to come out from underneath the car but instead he just sat there not moving an inch. We also have asked the guy to use the cloth and pulled his leg out instead of covering the dog face, he must have not heard us well and this has made us laugh. We will be back tomorrow for sure!


hanna fushihara aron said...

You must try to get a leash on the dog so that he cannot run away or hide under a car. If he has his collar on, this should be pretty easy. If he doesnt, you can use a long belt or even a long leash. if you can't find the kind of leash with a loop at the end. Put the end of the belt through the buckle but don't use any of the belt holes, just let the end slide through. For a leash, put the end of the leash with the collar clip is through the handle of the leash. You will have a loop now that you can carefully slide over the dog's head. Hold onto the other side. If the dog tries to pull away the loop will get tighter and he will not be able to slip his head through.
You can also try to get him into a dog crate for transport if you have one big enough. Just set it up outside, put a bowl of food all the way in the back, quietly close the door when he goes in.
Those would be my suggestions....
Good luck!
Hanna in New York

Nikki said...

The hardest part you seemed to have managed. Remember that you are the dominant animal in this situation. You got the muzzle on, you managed to pick him up, now you just hold on to him and you don't let go, no matter how much he struggles. You are stronger and you need to take control of the dog. Let someone sit with him in the back and hold him down if you don't have a big enough carrier.

And the most important thing you need to remember is that no matter how scared he seems, you are doing this to help him.

Be the dominant animal and don't let go!


Ngo Thye Aun said...

Thank You Hanna and Nikki for your valuable advise! I shall remember it next time. However the muzzle that the vet has borrowed us was quite loose and was slightly bigger. I think most important thing is confident and be dominant when helping the injured animals. I just need to familiar more with the situation.

Nikki said...

You are doing GREAT Ngo. You really really are. The more I know you and your work, the more impressed I am, the more respect I have for you and the more I admire you.

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