Sunday, September 16, 2007

Kitty Road Rescue 15 Sep 2007

Time flies quickly and it has been 5 days since the rescue. It's a bit chilling over here in Penang Island after 3 days of heavy rains. Okay, back to the kitty. You know what, is a male kitty! So we go with the name Simba! He is still afraid and not really trust human as you can see in the video. According to Khairul, Simba is very good with his sister :). I am glad to hear that. I have brought some toys which donated by Phil and Chris sometime ago for his kitties. I also took some photos of the kitties and would love to share them with everyone, hope you like them.


Phil Grimsey said...

It will take lots of patience with the kitty - but you have already made great progress as he is not lunging at you any more!

We loved watching the other kitties playing - i think the pouch they were playing with contains catnip. Sooty does not respond to it at all but some cats respond by drooling and exhibiting rather strange behaviour - wonder what Khairul's kitties will be like? According to the cat magazine we subscribe to and vets, it does the cats no harm whatsoever and the ones who respond seem to love it!

The photo of the blue-eyed kitty is absolutely beautiful.

Nikki said...

Phil - I was about to say the same. At least the cat is not wanting to attack you, so you have come a long way. It is not as quick as I thought it would be, but like humans, some just need more time than others. This to me, to a degree, is an indication of the severity of the trauma Simba went through. I DO think Khairul has done VERY well! The footage of Simba under the bed was simply stunning. The dark with the light.... WOW.

Simba is going to need a lot of patience, but I have NO DOUBT in my mind that he will get there. He has you and Khairul and his sister and all the other kitties :)

Anonymous said...

After seeing this video, it suddenly make me remember the broken jaw orange kitty, wondering how is he/she doing currently because it was not in the latest video at Khairul's home.

Angela said...

Thomas..the kitty looks so good now. He needs some time, and he will be a loving cat. I wish I could adopt him :(

Let me ask you: why some of the cats have half tale only?

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing... Did the kitty with the broken jaw make it or did it run away? I know sometimes stray cats can run away when scared. Let us know...

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