Sunday, September 9, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie

It was Saturday night and we happened to be around my auntie's neighborhood. Khairul, Bee Bee and I saw this black dog limping while walking and possibility one of his back leg has dislocated. He couldn't stand properly and the back leg didn't touch the ground. I have asked around who is this dog belong to and according to the neighbors that the dog has been roaming for quite sometime and abandoned by his human. He has been like this almost for 4 months now. His license tag is from last year.

According to the people who stay in the neighborhood, this dog like to chase motorcyclist and it might got hit by some motorcyclist who got mad. This is terrible indeed. Hopefully Joseph and I manage to persuade him by wearing the muzzle and take him to the vet tomorrow evening for X-ray. Baby Alera fund will be spend on his medical treatment.


ilovepearly said...

Dog seriously need to be check out.
I hope you guys can get the dog to the vet.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ ilovepearly,

Yes he need to go to the vet real soon and I hope tomorrow my friend and I managed to get hold on him and get the X-ray done. Hopefully he won't wander off but I strongly doubt he will do so.

Nikki said...

Let us know! We wish you luck!

Anonymous said...

Yes let us know, will be anxious to know how he's doing. Awaiting for update news from you.
Thanks a lot.

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