Thursday, September 20, 2007

White Puppy ( Jacky ) Owner Called.

I got a message from Khairul that the owner called him. I was so happy and called Khairul back immediately. However the happy feeling did not last after listened to what Khairul has told me. The first phrase that came out from the owner was ' Where did you take my dog, I want him back now', yes, you are reading the exact words what he said to Khairul. Khairul just be patience with him and told him the situation that happened to the puppy, which later we found out his name is Jacky. Khairul wasn't feeling very happy so I decided to gave the owner a call too. I tried to get his address before I actually deliver Jacky back to him tomorrow, you know, just to make sure he is not lying and just want to check out his place. When we reached there, I asked the neighbor whether is Jacky belong to him and they said yes. They were very nice people and they were the ones who told the owner about his missing puppy. I guess they must have spotted our poster.

I did not bring out my camera because I did want to offend him, but after about 3 loud shouts and he was still in the house, I started to shoot some video of his compound, just to show you that one of his puppy was in the cage and you will get the idea where is Jacky staying.

We started chatting a bit and he did not sound worried or care very much. He thought we were charity animal rescue people or something that doing this for free, idiots! I am sorry but yes he is an idiot. However when we were about to leave, he did say thank you and asked me about the medical fee. You know, Khairul and I do not like the idea of asking money and from the conversation that we had with him on the phone, I doubt he will spend more than 10 dollar for animals. Anyway we told him at first we thought Jacky is a stray, we tried our best to save him and thats it, but I continued .."any amount that is comfortable with you is fine with us.', that's our exact words.


Phil Grimsey said...

From what you were saying when we were talking before and after seeing the video and the narrative, that mans attitude has really annoyed us.

This is totally HIS fault - the puppy was HIS responsibility and the accident happened because HE had let the puppy escape and run loose. It would not have been run over and injured if he had acted responsibly in the first place and it makes us wonder if he would have sought ANY treatment for the poor puppy if it had been left to him.

We see that he can afford to buy jewellery (see 33 seconds into film) so he can therefore afford to (and should) repay the vets fees to you.

He should also be grateful that you have rescued and treated the puppy and gone to such great lengths to reunite him with it.

It is not OK to say you should have left the dog alone as it would have been OK by itself. If a family member had suffered a broken bone after being run over, would he think that they would be OK to leave by themselves afterwards without any treatment? Animals have feelings too. Maybe they can try it out on him and see how he likes it?

Sorry if this sounds aggressive but the mans attitude has astounded us.

We did not like seeing the puppy in the cage either but we suppose at least it did have a cover over the cage and seemed well fed.

Ngo Thye Aun said...


The wife paid us full amount today when we brought Jacky back to her!

It was a surprise really and we were all very glad indeed!

Phil Grimsey said...

That is great news! Whilst it is as it should be, we did have our doubts, but obviously the wife is more compassionate than the man was.

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