Saturday, September 15, 2007

Dog-Catching Competition Is Off !

Yes! Just saw this headline on one of our local newspapers today and the Inhumane Dog Catching Competition that is going on in Selayang is off. However according to the article, the hunt and catch for strays will still continue with the help of the local SPCA :(

I just wish our government will promote TNR ( Trap, Neuter, Release ) instead of taking the easy way out but I doubt that is going to happen now.


Phil Grimsey said...

TNR would work , but I think it would have to be in conjunction with a heavy fine for anyone who was caught releasing an animal to the streets.

This could be backed up by microchipping the animals and storing the licence details on a computer against the chip's ID number.

Gradually, I think this would lead to stray numbers reducing, and also being able to return strays to the rightful owner.

Nikki said...

Ah I am SO pleased to hear this Ngo and I like to think you had a hand in it!

I think this is a HUGE step in the right direction :) One step at a time my friend, one step at a time! This is something POSITIVE so build on it :) You DO have the power to affect change.

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