Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Injured Limping Doggie - Update 11Sep2007

I called one of my friend who previously work in a vet to help us. He is very good in handling dog even bigger ones like Rotweiler. Surprisingly the dog was very calm and let him carried. However he didn't have the time to follow us to the vet and we have to carry him once we reached. As you can see the video, he was awake after a 30 minutes drive.

We got some X-ray done and he was injured pretty badly. Please click the X-ray photo to full size. The back leg bone were fractured completely and became like crossing each other. It must have been very painful. I have two option here according to the vet, one is amputate and one is fix him. Since he might be back on the street and since he still have a chance to walk with 4 legs, I will go to the fixing option which is putting a pipe inside and join the bone up. I certainly hope that the man has given him shelter will take in him, I just need to talk him again about this.

The dog has to stay in the vet for a month at least and the medical fee will not be cheap. I have to use all Alera fund in this and hopefully I can get some discount from the vet.


hanna fushihara aron said...

So happy you were able to get him to a vet! (What are you going to name him?) What is the easiest way for you to receive funds? Would like to donate what I can to help with his surgery.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

Hi Hanna,

Yes, finally, I have to thank my buddy for that. I am not sure what to name him. I sure hope the man that let him and his buddy ( other dog in the video )in will take both of them since he has a compound. I will ask them. Regarding the donation Moneybookers will be the best option currently or check ( at least 50 days to cleared ). If you do not use moneybookers, I have a very good friend ( Phil and Chris )from England, maybe you can PayPal them and they will use their moneybookers account to transfer the funds to my moneybookers. I know its a hassle but is the best option for me currently as Malaysian. Find out more about moneybookers at

ps: Btw Thank You for the first Alera donation that was in March :)

Nikki said...

Well done to you again Ngo! I will send out an email to everyone asking for some donations, so let's see what we can do.

Angela said...

Great job Thomas, as always! Please, give us your friends email in England so we can contact them in order to PayPal money to them and they will transfer the money to you.

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