Friday, September 21, 2007

(Hare Krishna) Radhastami Celebration.

I was invited to this Hare Krishna event that is called Radhastami last Thursday and the meaning of Radhastami is Appearance day of Rhada Krishna's wife. If you have follow my blog, I was late for the event as I have brought the Light Yellow Puppy to vet before that. The festival was very interesting where you listened to the story of Krishna Consciousness movement and you are served with variety of vegetarian food at the end of the speech, I did not take the curry as they contain milk and so do cakes. That was my first time being there and if my facts are not accurate, please do forgive me. There is a translator that help us to understand more too as you can see in the video above. Some photos too to share.

Tonight I will be at Gurney Drive, one of our local Penang favorite night spot to video the chanting and playing instrument of Hare Krishna movement, it must be very interesting and I am looking forward to share more with you.

PS: I got a call from the vet few minutes ago and the doc told me the Light Yellow puppy might be having hernia and if she confirms that on Monday, surgery need to be done. I have looked through the web and found what's hernia is. You can read it

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