Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kitty Road Rescue

It was afternoon and I was on my way to my in laws and was stuck in the jam, out of a sudden I saw this tiny kitty running in no direction in middle of the road that full of trucks and cars. Without delay I pulled my car aside, got out and approached the kitty slowly and snatched! He did fight back and I just ran towards my car and shut the door and let him inside. Straight he went hiding under my car seat until I reached home. I have my small digital camera with me at that time but I was not able to record the tense situation as if I were recording, I might have lost him, you know he might be ran over by car or truck and die.

The kitty was quite fierce and scared at the same time, I think he just tried to protect himself/herself if you watch the above video. The hissing sound he made and his mouth full of tiny sharp teeth did scare me off a bit, please forgive me for that, I have a small heart like peanut :)

I told Khairul about this and he willing to foster him for a while and might consider take him/her in. Until now we do not know whether he is a male or female. I just want to let him/her alone for a while and not to grab him/her at this moment. We have decided the names for the kitty, if male we will call him Simba and if female she will be Luca.


Phil Grimsey said...

Wow! What a little firecracker of a kitty! So much life and energy, but as you say, obviously incredibly nervous and scared.

I dont think there was anything wrong in how you removed it from under the seat as you didnt pull very hard and hurt his claws.

Afterall, you were faced with the choice of doing that or waiting, and who knows how long that would have taken for the kitty to emerge.

Another stray falls on its feet and finds you. Good luck with this one Thomas :)

Nikki said...

As always Ngo, you did absolutely great :)

What a gorgeous little kitty, and those EARS!!! I just want to squish and sniff them (we do that with our cat, I do it when I want to be playful)!
Those big ears might indicate that there is some feral blood in the cat.

And you mentioned me in the video!!! I AM FAMOUS!! :)

How is the cat doing now? Any progress?

Angela said... should think about getting a place where you can turn into a shelter....have you thought about that? We can raise funds to help you out. What do you think?
Also, make a suggestion to your vet if he can give you a special price for all animals saved by you.

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