Thursday, September 20, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Rescue

As we were about to leave Jacky's owner place, Joseph called, and he was saying 'emergency'. So without delay, Khairul and I went to his place and found out a puppy that belong to a nearby neighbor has been bitten by a larger dog and was hiding under the bed in the house. The condition of the place is so terrible and dirty. Three of us do not think they can afford to pay for the treatment. We then brought the puppy to the nearest vet. Alera's fund will be used. I hope he will be okay soon and we might rehome him as soon as he gets better. Anyway we have to ask the owner first before we do that. It has been a tired day for me as after the vet, I was late for the Hare Krishna festival that my friend has invited both of us, my wife and I. I will be uploading some photos and video soon, hopefully tomorrow, just to share with you all, it was a very nice experience. However I forgot what was that festival all about, shame on me.

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Phil Grimsey said...

Oh what an adorable baby! Isnt he good while he was having treatment! Who does he belong to? Did he come onto the neighbours compound and their dog tried to chase him away?

Whilst we hate to see these poor fur babies in pain, we always like to watch the videos simply because it is great to see that someone cares and has helped them out. The neighbour should also be praised for having the compassion to contact you, Joseph and Khairul to help, rather than just leaving him to fend for himself. Josephs mum was very kind to go along too.

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