Tuesday, September 18, 2007

White Puppy Rescue

Got a call from Khairul, his sister heard a loud bang and a puppy was whining in pain. The driver did not even walk out from the car and drove off. This is the problem with our society, I wonder will he stop if he hit a human. Ok, if you watch the video, we did manage to get him to the vet. He was hiding under a van when we arrived, after a while, we managed to pull him out and drove him to vet. Fortunately he did not injured severely, just a bit of crack along his front leg bone and the doc said he will healed eventually. At the moment he has given him some pain-killer to make him comfy and the puppy will be staying there for 2 days so that we have the time to find his owner. I have already design the poster ( A4 size ) and will be sticking on every trees and lamp posts tomorrow and will flood the neighborhood mail boxes. By the way, this puppy was found behind Khairul's place.

PS : The limping injured doggie is still at the vet and according to the doc, he will operate him this weekend and hopefully he will success the surgery. Will keep everyone posted once it's done.


Phil Grimsey said...

Oh my! Another gorgeous little puppy :) It is such a shame that you come to find them under such horrible circumstances but its VERY lucky for the animals that all of you are prepared to help.

We have just forwarded the latest donation from Angelia Martin to you so that should arrive in your moneybookers anytime soon.

By the way, I think you did an excellent job of catching that dog. You are obviously getting used to doing it.

zenquando said...

nice job.
i hope the pupy wil be alight
after the surgery.
i hope the owner wil get him soon.

greeting from zenquando

Nikki said...

I SO admire your strength and courage. If I did what you did, it would break me.

MUCH respect to you my friend.

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