Friday, September 28, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Update 28Sep2007

OK, this is hard to explain here but if you listen carefully to the video you might hear some explanation from the doc husband. The doc is not available when we were there. The puppy is no longer on drip. It was taken off this afternoon. The good news is he did 'poop' 2 times and he ate by himself just now. The 'poop' contained some 'black stuff', this is what I heard from the husband, I guess it must be some dry blood or something else, just my guess and I am not sure at all. It also means the intestine is working, thank goodness. If you watch carefully, you can see his right leg at the back, there is a cut and what happened yesterday was, there were swelling going on at that area and I was told it was 'pass' or 'pas' , I am not sure about the spelling and the term using is correct, but basically is liquid form and that has to be taken out or else it would have infected that area. Please if anyone would be so kind if you do know the term of 'pas' means, do explain it to me further. I have looked through the med terms and I only see 'pasteurization'.

I hope he will get better and better since all the critical obstacles has passed. I will update everyone on this coming Sunday or Monday.

**Correction : thanks to Angela and jassmoth about the 'pus', please note, it is called 'pus' instead of 'pass'/'pas'. Sorry again about the spelling, my bad.


Angela said...

Thomas....the correct word is "pus" and the following is the explanation what it is:
"Pus is a whitish-yellow or yellow substance produced during inflammatory responses of the body that can be found in regions of pyogenic bacterial infections. An accumulation of pus in an enclosed tissue space is known as an abscess."

I am very happy that the puppy is doing fine....he is a fighter! Thank you and your friend for the quick rescue! The timing was essential for his survival. I am really proud of you guys!!!!

ilovepearly said...

Glad the puppy is doing a little better. Just painful to watch the pup in this condition.

jazzmoth said...

The fluid is "pus" and it is produced by the body as a immune system response to inflamed tissue. It's the same stuff that's inside pimples, and it's made of dead white blood cells and proteins. If it collects in an area for too long, it can be painful. The reason it needs to be drained is that pus indicates damaged cells, such as from infection. By draining the pus, the doctor will be able to see and treat the damaged cells.

Hope this helps!

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Angela and Jazzmoth,

THANK YOU so much for telling me it is 'pus' oh my..spelling error in the bad!

Angela said...

LOL! Thats is OK Thomas...I did not know either how it was husband told me the right way yo spell it! Like you, I was not alphabetized in English (I am from Brazil, I speak portuguese) and sometimes the English language is very difficult :)

Phil Grimsey said...

We are so glad the puppy is getting better. He has the most adorable, cute face and is such a sweet natured little thing.

It still looks very sore but he seems to be recovering well.

What will be done when he is better? Is there anyone who can adopt him? Joseph was going to foster him wasnt he? He would make a very loving pet, we think. Its a shame we are not closer, because Chris's mum wants the puppy, she says she has fallen in love with him but obviously with quarantine it can not happen. Hopefully someone else will fall in love with him too.

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