Sunday, September 2, 2007

Donation From Carol Milam

Donation from Carol Milam received today via PayPal. Carol got to know about the orange stray cat injury from the video I posted on Metacafe website. Carol is from California and she also into saving animals especially cats. So far this past month she has managed to trap 13 cats and got them all spayed and neutered. She has 15 kitties at home and a dog, I surely hope the dog will be okay :P

Anyway, if you are reading this Carol, THANK YOU for your donation and I will top up to Alera funds once it has been cleared in my account. I have to tell you that it might take some time to have PayPal fund cleared in my bank account as in Malaysia, we are not able to transfer fund from PayPal to our local Malaysian bank. I have to ask for my friends help again by using either one of these two methods. You can read it here and here.

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