Monday, September 3, 2007

Donation from Bruce Chan ( Canada ) Cleared.

Check from Bruce Chan ( 50 USD ) for Alera has been cleared today as well. It took more than a month though. The money will go to all the necessity Alera needs, especially diapers and kitchen towels! Current balance of Alera's fund is RM 737.74 ( Ringgit Malaysia )

Thank You Bruce!

ps: Alera still wearing the cone and the wound is healing. Photo taken very recent :)


jazzmoth said...

I can't get over how beautiful Alera has become! Even with the cone, she (he?) just exudes elegance.

Angela said...

Me too....he is gorgeous!! What a beautiful cat he became!!

Phil Grimsey said...

We WANT Alera! However, I doubt our very territorial 18-year old feral-born cat would want him :( Her "other cat" attitude can be watched on Youtube - Sooty vs the ginger tom. I don't think her comments to the other cat translate in a polite way...

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