Wednesday, September 19, 2007

White Puppy Rescue Poster Circulated.

Khairul and I have printed out 'puppy found' poster more than 200 copies and have already sticked on every lamp posts around the neighborhood. We have also flooded the mail boxes too and have asked around if anybody has lost their puppy. So far nothing, not a call. This really worries me as by Friday I need to bring him back from the vet. Hopefully the owner sees the poster and give either one of us a call or we just have to set him free where we have found him.

Please note, we do not promote vandalism, we will remove all the posters that we have pasted on the lamp posts and walls once our goal achieved :)


Phil Grimsey said...

Wow you have been busy - we really admire how dedicated you are to all the animals you find.

Lets hope that the owner comes forward to claim the puppy - he is a sweet puppy and looks quite well fed so hopefully he is not a stray and can be reunited with his owner.

We understand your frustration with people who just drive off after hitting an animal. In the UK you are supposed to stop after hitting a dog but unfortunately not a cat. However how many people would stop if they thought they could get away with it is another story...

zenquando said...

i hope the owner wil call soon for his dog.
so they can reunited.

afz zenquando

Angela said...

Thomas...give some time...probably the owner is out of town or he does not live nearby. Most likely someone will call you in a period of a week or so.
If not, I just wish you can find a good home for him. :)

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