Saturday, September 29, 2007

Senior Dog and Taoism Parade

While Khairul and I were heading to our usual vegan meal night spot, we were stuck in a massive jam. There was a taoism parade going on a few hundred meters away just in front of us. When we reached a junction ahead, we saw a senior dog lying on the pavement of grass and I thought she was resting but Khairul asked me to pull over just to make sure she's alright. As we turned into the road, I parked my car and then we walked towards the doggie. From far she seemed okay to me, just lying there without movement. I didn't realize she has cataract on one eye and both her back legs were limping at that time. Since there was a parade going on, I just took some video of it. I think they were probably from taoism religion and have no idea what was the parade all about. After a while, I turned back to the dog and when she started to get up, I became more convinced of her injury. She was limping and trying to cross the road. Without delay, I walked across and approached her slowly and tried to be friendly. Fortunately Joseph is staying nearby and we have called him to bring a leash for us. He came after few minutes with a leash and we brought her straight to the vet.

There's nothing much the doc could do as she told us it might be arthritis. However she trimmed her nails just to make them shorter as they were all very long and curly. We couldn't do much and we have to let her off where we have found her, but of course at safer place nearby. We gave her some dry kibbles and water too. After few minutes she headed towards a small house which we think she must came from there. The house looks like a small storage house with nobody at night time. I will check on her from time to time since I always pass that road.


Phil Grimsey said...

Poor baby. She looks quite old. But she will be more comfortable with her nails trimmed and you have guided her away from the very busy road.

Sooty is getting a little wobbly on her back legs on the odd occasion (she is 18) and this might be similar, arthritis and aging.

If you can keep a check on her as you suggested that will be a big help.

zara said...

I just felt that I shoud thank you for being the kind and loving persone that you are....I'm on the other side of the world (France) and discoverd the video of your cat that cannot use her hindlegs....this cat is just de luckiest cat with such a person taking care of her!


Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Phil
Yes, she is quite old. Her nails were long and curly, hopefully she will better while walking.

@ zara
Even though we have tried our best to help her but inside us, we did not think thats enough. We will check on her from time to time. Hopefully she will be there.

mikey said...

It's called the Nine Emperor Gods Festival.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Mikey

I don't think it was the Nine Emperor Gods Festival but I will find out from the old folks. :)
Will let you know.

Thanks for the wikipedia link!

Kristine said...

Hey what's the name/address of the vegan place that you eat at? I might want to check it out when I come to Penang in December.

- Krissy :)

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ kristine,
Khairul and I are vegan, we eat vegan diet unfortunately at a lacto-vegetarian cafe. We have lots of lacto-vegetarian cafe/shop in Penang. Some lacto-vegetarian shop here using coconut-milk for the curry which is okay since they are from coconut and not from the cows. But some curry noodle, they are using condense milk which is from cows. Most lacto-vegetarian shop/cafe here are vegan-friendly, you just need to ask them which one contain milk and told them you are allergy to milk or you are against the 'veal' industry. But I do not think they understand the cruelty involved in veal industry.

mikey said...

Although coconut milk is not an animal product, it should be taken sparingly as it contains extremely high percentage of saturated fats, which will lead to lots of heart problems. :)

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ mikey

Yeah, thats absolutely correct. That is why I rarely take curry :)

Krissy said...

Yikes! I didn't know that. Thanks!

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