Monday, October 1, 2007

Light Yellow Puppy Update 01Oct2007

Bad News! This is not good. First of all, the surgery previously did not fail. There were skin infection right from the start due to the bite. The inner stitches burst because of the pus that's accumulated around the inner stitches. The skin that was used for stitching the inner part were bad skin and there was not enough healthy skin to be pulled and stitch up. At this moment we need to wait for the bad skin on the outside to peeled off and wait for the healthy skin to grow so that it can be pulled for stitching. After that back to the surgery again to stitch the inner wound. According to the doc, he is lucky to be alive till now and currently a bandage is wrap around the 'burst' area. Intestine seems to be working well as he can eat and poop. Hopefully he will recover. This is the best explanation I can explain and thanks to Joseph for writing the explanation as I was not very sure what's the vet was talking about.


Angela said...

He is a fighter and he will get better....I know that there is a lot of people praying for him :) Positive thoughts and pray will help him go through this very delicate moment :)

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ Angela

Yes he is a fighter and I have to be positive, in fact Khairul, Joseph and I have to be in positive thoughts that he will survive. He is now on antibiotic and soft diet. I am really scare from now if the vet calls me.

Angela said...

Don't be scare Thomas. Please, be positive. Positive thoughs and pray will help him. I am praying for him tonight. We are thinking good thoughts for him.

mikey said...

I think infection is very common unfortunately after surgery, but as long as he's on antibiotics, he should be OK. It's a good sign that his intestine is working well, that is more important, I believe, than the infection. Careful attention on the wound site with meticulous cleaning will prevent further complication.

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ mikey

The vet just have to wait until the wound around the pus to heal before further surgery that involved stitching to be carry out. By the way you can't clean the wound now because the area are all dead skin and too 'loose' and will be worst. We just need to wait for it to dry up and pealed off.

zenquando said...

i hoop he wil servive this poor dog.

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