Wednesday, October 31, 2007

October Donations Via PayPal.

From this month onwards, I will compile all donations on monthly basis. I think it is easier to for me to track and not have too many post of donations on my blog :)
Besides Phil and his family and Lisa, I have also received another 3 donations which are from :

Peter Joseph - $52.55 USD
Marcus Johansson - $18.86 USD
"In honor of Evie Cummings, a Puerto Rican rescue dog." - $47.75 USD ( humble donor doesn't want to reveal his name )

Total donations : $119.16 USD

Since I haven't receive my debit card, I couldn't withdraw the fund yet and I will put a word 'pending' below the Baby Alera Fund. The debit card will arrive very soon, hopefully by next week. For your information, Malaysian only can withdraw PayPal fund to credit/debit/prepaid cards at the moment and not possible via bank transfer.



Phil Grimsey said...

Let me know if your card doesn't turn up and you need a hand Thomas.

We will probably use Chris' new paypal this time, but will need to check it first. It works out quicker that way, as it saves having to clear it into my bank account, and then into Chris' bank account, and then into Moneybookers.

Best wishes to you and BIG thanks to the donors - You are all wonderful people.

Nikki said...

Phil tell me something - I have some donations I want to send Ngo. I think we can make payments via Paypal.
I can go to a place like Western Union and transfer money there to an agency in Malaysia (like I did last time), but I pay quite a bit in agency fees.
How would it work if I paid you with Paypal and then you do the thing for Ngo? Will the convertion and forex fees be very high or what? Or can I pay Ngo directly?

Phil Grimsey said...

Ngo is waiting for his debit card to be able to withdraw funds from Paypal. When we help, he forwards it to my paypal then I give it to Chris to pay into her account, then she sends it with Moneybookers to Ngo. Thats why we have just set up a paypal for Chris - it will cut out waiting for it to clear into my account in order to move it to Chris. She has got to finalise it this weekend then it all should be set up if you want us to help.

Nikki said...

Hang on, so does Ngo get Moneybookers?

Ngo, when is your debit card ready?

Ngo Thye Aun said...

@ nikki

Yes I have and able to cash out moneybookers fund via bank transfer.

Recently, PayPal has allowed us to cash out the fund to credit/debit/prepaid cards. I already applied 3 weeks ago and it is still pending. Hopefully by end of next week I able to receive it. Fee is about $5 USD from PayPal to Debit card. That is why is best for me to transfer the fund on monthly basis :)

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