Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Dead Kitten Found On Roadside

While driving tonight, I saw a dead kitten on the pavement beside a busy road. I happened to see these unfortunate small creatures whenever I am driving, not purposely focus on the pavement of course, I just see them at the right moment. Unfortunately he wasn't moving when I drove pass and I knew he was gone. Khairul helped me to bag him and the carcass was cold and my guess he probably dead for at least 10 to 20 hours, just my guess, I could be wrong. Just wish that we were in right time to save this little furry guy, but sadly there is nothing can be done now.


Phil Grimsey said...

It is always sad when this happens. I always feel I have to go and retrieve sooty from wherever she is and cuddle her whether she wants a cuddle or not!

Nikki said...

Ai Ngo. I don't know what to say. Who still takes the time to gently remove a dead animal from the side of the road?
You should be cloned.

ilovepearly said...

It's sad to see the kitten life to end such way. Though I am glad that you guys would take the kitten away from that area.

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